Sunday, September 30, 2018

Hello again 😊

Simple, and short post to fill in these past years.

- Enjoyed trying out various Beachbody exercise programs.
- Enjoyed experimenting with yoga, and Pilates.
- Enjoyed extended bicycle trips  (as far as 57 miles in a day)
- Continued consistent training in Kyokushin karate.

- Tore my Achilles tendon in half earlier this year. It took months of rehabilitation in order to start walking again.  I still trained in karate through it all. ( just sat on the floor to do basics or knelt)

Planning on adding more walking to my regime in order to strengthen and speed up the healing process.

I've been a Nidan karate-ka for some years now. The black belt hangs in a familiar way on my waist. The Kata flows through me like a song of energy.

Why blog still? I asked myself. My answer: because I don't see many grey haired grandmothers training in the dojo, and perhaps my stories might encourage or inspire those who find themselves in the lifelong passion of the Martial arts.

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