Thursday, October 16, 2008

My time lately




I'm stealing a few moments to write in my blog.. that's how busy I am. I have to squeeze in a practice here, and a moment to study there, and I realize just how much I miss having hours to train on my own at home.

I'm juggling all of the needs, and all of the wants that exist around me, and trying to meet every one of them at a level which allows me to keep them all in a manageable state. I've delegated more responsibility to my teenaged children, and my husband has had to take up the burdens also. Thanksgiving meal was done by his kindness, and he did a superb job!!!

I'm happy though. I embrace the challenges presented to me by my workplace, by my Martial Art, and by my choice to have a large family.

My coworkers are becoming used to seeing me perform kata in the entryway of our area. They seem to just look over, smile gently, and then return to work. I've learned that I must do the kata in the middle of my break to allow 3-4 minutes time for my breath to return to normal before I return to work. I'm considering eating my lunch during my first 15 minute break so that I can use the longer 30 minute lunch for training. Also.. I'm wondering how bothersome it would be to my employers if I take off my shoes and socks during my kata. The shoes hamper my ankles from bending properly in stance... hmmm.. how far can I push this?

Security is now comfortable, and used to my bringing a Bo staff in and out of the building on those days that I train in karate. The very first time that I brought in a Bo, I just walked up the stairs, down the hallway, and into our work area to place the staff gently against the floor/wall. I looked up and there stood a security staff member watching me, and asking "What is the stick for?" He had quickly followed me up the stairs, and down the hallway without my knowledge.. Wow.. he was very silent, I was startled to see him standing there looking at me with questions in his eyes. I explained that I use it for training after work, and that it will stay against the wall until I finish work. He was satisfied with my response, but I realized just how careful I must be to keep to my word, and be VERY prudent with my staff.

Getting on, and off of buses still raises the eyebrows of those who see me, I just act normal, and smile as if I'm carrying a purse instead of a Martial Arts weapon... and all reactions calm down. I wonder if I would get away with this if I was a 6' 5'' well muscled young man instead of a 5' 4" grey haired woman.

There was one person who made my day.. She came up to me with her eyes sparkling, and said "Bo! I do Kung Fu.. LOVELY weapon to work with.. what Art do you train in?" That was a wonderful interchange of joy filled words between two Martial Artists who love what they do.