Friday, January 08, 2010

Mom makes great mashed potatoes

Well.. I found out from my children that I make extremely lovely, fluffy mashed potatoes. Ha ha ha.. It could be because I like to work on my hammerfist technique as I bring the mashing tool down on the potatoes. It's a very similar movement, and I thought that the resistance of the vegetables would help me to improve. It's nice to know that there is a positive result of that kind of Karate training.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Karate Goals for 2010

In 2009 my goals were:

"I want to focus on improving my inner mental condition.

In Kihon, I want to learn to see each technique as worthy of it's own existence, and focus on the quality of that movement alone rather than thinking of the past, or future.

In Kata, I want to learn to see beyond each movement, and live outside of the technique seeing applications, and meaning.

In Kumite, I want to learn to anticipate my opponent's attacks."

In my opinion it is more difficult to measure mental improvement. With Physical efforts, you can notice that your punch is faster, or your technique is stronger, but how do you measure if you have expanded your mental abilities.

I can tell you that I learned to see each technique separately because I trained to the point where each punch was it's own effort. I was too tired to think of the past, nor the future. All of my energy went towards completing that punch, or kick.

I have started on the path of seeing beyond the techniques and seeing the applications, but I have also learned that this is a lifelong endeavor that cannot be achieved in only one year.

In Kumite, I have noticed that I am capable of anticipating some of my opponent's attacks, but I am not always successful. However I have again started on a lifelong challenge.

In 2010, my goals are towards integrating all of my training into my daily life.

I want to find balance between stress, and rest. I want to train hard, deplete myself, and then allow myself to recover, and strengthen.

I want to implement a daily conditioning routine that I can carry into my old age that blends with the challenges, and demands of my day.

I want to learn to eat properly to support the two goals listed above. This Christmas it took me only 2 weeks to gain 10 pounds. No real training, and triple the amount of rich foods have contributed to this, and I can only put the responsibility on myself for allowing this to happen. I know that I will lose this weight, but for that weight loss to be healthy I have to keep a balanced effort. I'm thinking of going back to keeping a journal of my eating so that I can even out the amount of calories that I take in, and make sure that I have enough fruits and vegetables.