Monday, February 08, 2010

Did something to my left leg on Friday

All I was attempting to do was lift my left leg a little higher for a jumping front kick, and something snapped on the inside of my back left thigh. I was still capable of moving without pain and go into stance, but if I attempted to lift my left knee higher than half a foot my leg would hurt, and refuse to go.

Confused, and curious, I tested to see how far, and in what direction my left leg would allow movement. Sideways was fine, but forwards, and up.. no way.

So.. I have allowed my body to rest, and heal for the past 3 days, and will continue to do so for another 2 days, to see if it was just a slight pull of an inner leg muscle that needs to recuperate.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

One month later

One month later, 10 pounds lighter, and training hard to learn the skills, and knowledge necessary for my upcoming rank.

One life decision that I have made, only due to the knowledge that I have the will power, and ability to do this choice successfully, is to cut out all junk food from my diet.

I have slowly improved my diet over the past 6 years, and now I feel ready, and willing to stop eating those empty calories that have had me in their grip for so long. I'm talking about chocolate, chips, pop, etc. I know that I have been addicted to them for so long.. using them as a crutch to bring happiness to my day after feeling overwhelmed by the stress, and demands around me. Now, I feel mentally strong enough to walk away from these temptations. I know that they do nothing for me.

Another life style change for the better, this I am sure. It will only enhance my good health.. but first I have to survive the withdrawal period. I've already warned my family, and friends that I have made this decision, and that the next 2 weeks may be difficult for me as my body adjusts to less sugar, fat, and salt in my diet. I'll work towards controlling my emotions, and reactions using all of the mental Martial Arts training that I've accumulated so far.