Sunday, January 15, 2012

Did the New Year Achievement twice this year

For the first class of 2012, I encouraged, and participated in the New Year's Achievement with my Adult students. We did the 212 punches, 212 kicks, and 12 kata together before we continued with our basics, and sparring combinations.

The class did well, and showed much heart. It was a very positive moment for us all.

I wonder if I can store this second effort for 2013... Hmmmm.....

Saturday, January 07, 2012

2012 New Year achievement

I have succeeded in completing my "start of the year" tradition of

212 Chudan Tsuki

212 kicks

12 Saiha Kata

I was contemplating going for 21 Kata, but that number just didn't fit right with the year.

Since I had the use of a gym, I didn't get the usual challenge of my children observing my efforts. Therefore I had no distractions.. just the sound of my breathing, quiet counting, and the swishing of my gi material as I kept moving. It became almost a continual circuit of energy, each movement flowing into the other.

It is a good start...