Thursday, May 20, 2010

One step at a time..

Karate training may have it's big moments, like when you achieve that technique that you have been working so hard at for so long, and it just flows out of you so smoothly, but I've noticed that 98 percent of Karate training is the constant simple basic build up of day after day effort.

It is the sweat that is poured out from you, the repetition of each movement to improve at every chance, and the painful lessons that teach you what you need to know to be able to use your skill.

Isn't daily life similar? Is it not in the constant cleaning, eating, sleeping, etc that we maintain good health? I've learned that lesson ever since I have been laid off. My home has finally reached a balanced equilibrium since I've been maintaining it on a everyday basis. My kids are coming home telling me that their friends have been envying the homemade baking, soups, and other snacks that I've been sending for their lunches. :-)

I feel good about it all. I'm loving each second of this life.

I embrace the training that I do in Karate. I know that one day.. not far away.. my body will not respond as well as I will want it to do. Will Karate still be important to me then? I do hope that I will have the right attitude, and perseverance to see value in training in my senior years. Yes my kicks may not be as high.. but they will still be there. Already there are parts of me that are complaining a bit after training.. it's not just that tired soreness from a good workout. The backs of my ankles, my knees, the small of my back, and my right wrist hum with a quiet ache. Arthritis is a known side effect of my skin condition.. so it could be that it is starting to develop within me. It is my thought that the exercise that I do thanks to karate will help slow down the build up of arthritis.