Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wow.. I haven't commented for SO long!

I do apologize for the lack of postings. Let me fill you in on some of the happenings:

A) Home: Christmas is coming! This makes for more preparation as I run around buying presents for a large family, and preparing for Christmas parties. It is more complicated to buy for older teenagers. Little children get exited over sparkly crayons, and an empty box.. older teens have more specific, and expensive desires.

B) Karate: All that I can feel right now is Gratitude.

I'm almost constantly ready to wipe away a tear at how much I appreciate the gift of my present Sensei. I look at what I can do now, and I know that these skills, and knowledge came from two things 1. my own personal effort and willingness, and 2. The quality, and consistency of my Sensei's teachings. I could not have achieved what I have gained just through having only one of these two aspects. No matter how good the Teacher, without a strong and willing student the lessons cannot be transferred. No matter how open a student, without a wise, and caring Sensei progress cannot happen. I realized that each Olympic athlete, hockey player, football player, etc. has risen to that status through the blended work of their own sweat, and through the support of their coach.

I am still working towards the possibility of testing for 1st Kyu Brown belt/Black Stripe. My every open leisure moment goes towards improving, correcting, and reviewing as there are many aspects in which I need to feel confidence. However, I am limited by how much my body will allow me to train before it starts to overdo, and weaken. I'm also trying to give it many rest periods so that it can strengthen. Time is going away quickly, and I know that I cannot cram for a test of this rank level. I can only bring to the floor what I have been working upon all of these years.