Sunday, August 10, 2008

Working on my Chion Bo kata

After working on my Bo kata for over a year now, I have improved it to this level:

I'm quite satisfied with the progress, but I can still see many aspects that I would like to improve upon. I feel that this video is worthy of putting forth as a good sample of my efforts.

I can not dedicate as much time as I'd like to my weapons work as my main focus is my basics, and kata. Therefore, progress may be delayed when it comes to weapon handling.

In the next couple of days I'll be working at my job on a constant basis. Time will become even more precious. I'm actively looking for a place at my job site that has enough room, and privacy for kata practice during breaks. The washrooms are a "no go" here. It seems that the cleaning staff are taking care of the main washroom at the same time as my breaks, and the other washroom is too small for kata movement. Anyway, there are always ladies walking in and out of the washroom. It's such a busy place... sigh. I have tried to go outside to the parking lot but it's really busy there too with smokers coming in and out for their cigarette. I might just get to the desperation level where I practice my kata in the front lobby of the place directly facing the security staff. There's lots of room there... However, this is my last resort. I would like to find a secluded place if possible. My last workplace allowed me to go to the warehouse section. I haven't seen the whole facility yet, and I haven't discussed my options with my supervisors yet so I will not give up hope.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

I have been hired..

If you notice a little bit of delay in postings on my weblog it is due to the fact that I have been hired as a permanent worker at a very lovely company. I'm going to be adjusting to the new schedule demands, and balancing my family, karate, and housework with them.

I'd like to share some funny little anecdotes from my interview which relates to Martial Arts:

I was asked to share some important things about myself with my 3 interviewers. The mention of 7 kids raised a couple of eyebrows. I saw a big response to the fact that I had homeschooled them for awhile. When I told them that I was a black belt in Karate, and that I was working towards my second Black belt. Wow! You should have been there! The room erupted in response. I couldn't speak anymore. I just blushed, and quietly waited as they spoke between the three of them spoke words of admiration, and positive support. Honestly, I felt like an Emmy winner at that point. My mind thought back to all of the pain, effort, and sweat that I had put into the past years of training, and I mentally agreed with the words that they were saying to me, but it was a shock to my system to be bathed in so much praise at once. It felt nice, but strange.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Admiration of talent, training, and dedication

I have stumbled across this video of the US Army Drill Team doing a demonstration, and I am honored to have witnessed such dedication, skill, and hours of training shown by their performance.

This, in my opinion, is a form of "kata" in a North American manner where each move has it's own reason for existing, and full concentration is necessary to achieve these amazing results.

I have yet to be lucky enough to witness a Martial Arts demonstration of Kobudo weapons done in such close range with such accuracy. Each one of those rifles has a chrome bayonets attached on the end of them. One mistake can cause some discomfort to either oneself, or others. I do hope that I catch something similar to this on Youtube in the future involving nunchuks, or Bo staff. I would be very amazed and thrilled to see a group performance of weapon mastery.