Saturday, August 02, 2008

Admiration of talent, training, and dedication

I have stumbled across this video of the US Army Drill Team doing a demonstration, and I am honored to have witnessed such dedication, skill, and hours of training shown by their performance.

This, in my opinion, is a form of "kata" in a North American manner where each move has it's own reason for existing, and full concentration is necessary to achieve these amazing results.

I have yet to be lucky enough to witness a Martial Arts demonstration of Kobudo weapons done in such close range with such accuracy. Each one of those rifles has a chrome bayonets attached on the end of them. One mistake can cause some discomfort to either oneself, or others. I do hope that I catch something similar to this on Youtube in the future involving nunchuks, or Bo staff. I would be very amazed and thrilled to see a group performance of weapon mastery.


Sarah said...

Wow. That is some sort of a drill team. I, too, would love to see a bo or tonfa or somesuch group perform something of the like - I can imagine it would be awesome. Precision, these men were. EVERYTHING was synchronized and PERFECT. the heights their rifles rose to, the time it took for each to spin around - the time each rifle hit each angle of a spin. Amazing. Though, get a group of karateka together to do a kata, and I'd be breathing the same sort of words...
Re: You're probably right. Those types of things seep into every part of your life. Why wouldn't they pervert this? Karate is not sacred, but neither is it the reason or point of reference for this. Just thoughts. Thank you for taking the time to read!
How have you been?
Oh, and you've given me great ideas for a kicking bag in your previous post...

supergroup7 said...

Great seeing your comment, Sarah!

I'm glad that I gave you some good ideas. I have to warn you though that at one point my daughter's shin and mine did collide when the bag went flying in a bad direction. Our eyes widened, and we both agreed that we will be kicking with even more concentration after that incident.

How have I been? BUSY.. BUSY.. BUSY! Ha ha ha