Tuesday, June 01, 2010

June is on it's way..

Ah.. warmer weather means that I can train in my backyard, but the constant rain has made the grass turn into swamp. So.. I haven't had a chance to get out there and accumulate some extra weapons training that I am reluctant to do in my house after hitting walls, and furniture with my Bo.

By the time all is cooperating with outside training the mosquitoes will be out in number. It just hasn't been a good year for training in the yard.

I've limited my personal training indoors working on improving the height of my front kick, and my conditioning. I've learned that I can do a total of 36 push ups or 52 sit ups during commercial breaks. I've learned that I can strike my shins without stopping for the duration of a whole one hour t.v. show without any discomfort. My arms are starting to get tired before my shins start to complain. Honestly, I need to set up a sandbag/ hanging bag to be able to up the level.

I've been exploring my basic Kata, and becoming more aware of the links between them through repetitive expression.

I've reread "Shotokan's Secrets" more than once, looking at the concept of pushing on the inside of the knee of your opponent as compared to the outside of the knee. The Sanchin Stance would seem to place your feet in a better position to execute this than the Zenkutsu stance, or Kiba Dachi stance.