Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Slow but sure

This year has been one of challenges.  However, it is in finding the strength to seek answers to problems that one develops and grows.  Perhaps that is why nature gives us more challenges as we age, it could be to help us to grow.

I've been limited as to my "off class" training time, and yet, now more than ever I have felt that my training needed to be boosted.  There is only so much that I can grasp mentally, I know that my body needs to feel the movements, and strengthen with confidence in order to apply the movements, but that comes with practice.

Balance with the various demands of everyday living needs to be there also because it does me no good to improve on my Karate, and watch my home life, or work life disintegrate... or to have an immaculate home, but find myself out of shape and unable to enjoy it.

I have found that there is no easy answer.  I have to flow with the demands of the day. Today I will meet the obvious needs of the house and family, and attempt to include some training at the end of the day ( if the weather is kind enough to stay sunny).

But isn't that what Karate is about?  We have to balance expansion, and contraction. We give, and take, sometimes putting force out, and sometimes deflecting and letting the force go.  I think that the key is consistency.  We keep all of the elements in mind as we chose which path we will take at this moment. As long as we keep working towards our goals, slowly but surely we will achieve them.