Sunday, August 10, 2008

Working on my Chion Bo kata

After working on my Bo kata for over a year now, I have improved it to this level:

I'm quite satisfied with the progress, but I can still see many aspects that I would like to improve upon. I feel that this video is worthy of putting forth as a good sample of my efforts.

I can not dedicate as much time as I'd like to my weapons work as my main focus is my basics, and kata. Therefore, progress may be delayed when it comes to weapon handling.

In the next couple of days I'll be working at my job on a constant basis. Time will become even more precious. I'm actively looking for a place at my job site that has enough room, and privacy for kata practice during breaks. The washrooms are a "no go" here. It seems that the cleaning staff are taking care of the main washroom at the same time as my breaks, and the other washroom is too small for kata movement. Anyway, there are always ladies walking in and out of the washroom. It's such a busy place... sigh. I have tried to go outside to the parking lot but it's really busy there too with smokers coming in and out for their cigarette. I might just get to the desperation level where I practice my kata in the front lobby of the place directly facing the security staff. There's lots of room there... However, this is my last resort. I would like to find a secluded place if possible. My last workplace allowed me to go to the warehouse section. I haven't seen the whole facility yet, and I haven't discussed my options with my supervisors yet so I will not give up hope.


Mike said...

Looking great to me! Hope you find a place to practice kata at work. I usually get some in the last 30 minutes as I am the last one out! Osu!

supergroup7 said...

Thanks Mike!

Well.. I noticed some of the more experienced people at my work doing various stretches by their desk. I wasn't aware that I could do this type of thing, so I was thrilled. I started doing easy, slow kata ( withholding any kicks) by my desk in the small space available there. I found that I can take 2 steps in any direction. The kicking part of my kata is done by visualization. The most that one would notice is one side of my hip moving a few inches in a direction. The stances are higher, and narrower. My arms are smoothly moving into each technique, and pausing at the end of each segment. I do not kiai, and my breathing is very quiet, and controlled. I'm going to have to catch this "work - adapted" kata on video just to show it as a picture is worth a thousand words.

Michele said...

Nice bo kata. You demostrate power, control and focus. I study Okinawa Kobudo and there are stylistic differences in how we hold the bo. Keep up the good work!

supergroup7 said...

Thank you Michele.

Yes, I've noticed that the Kyokushin manner of handling the Bo is very different from the Okinawan hold. I haven't seen too many videos on Youtube that have the same "style" as what I do.

Will said...


It looks like you've been working on the kata for a while! Two things...

First, the same as Michele - style diffs on the hold.

Second, your stance appears to be a Zenkutsu Dachi, it has been my experience that weapons stances should be more offline, with the back leg nearly in line with the front rather than the shoulder width of the Zenkutsu Dachi.

Your power looks good and the blocks are good.


supergroup7 said...

Osu Will, thank you for the positive, and informative comments. I will keep them in mind as I continue to work on improving on my weapon skills.


Mathieu said...

Well, our hold differs too...

:)Keep up the good work.

I do kata when I have to work extra hours. It helps when having to wait after the computer. :)


supergroup7 said...

Hi Mat

Nice to hear from you!

I'm still learning about the Bo so my hold might not be "up to par" right now. I really have to segment up my precious free time to meet all of the needs around me. This does not allow for too much focus on weapon training.

Anonymous said...

Definitly looks good. One thing that you may find useful is when stepping and striking. Try and strike simultaneously as your foot touches the floor. Apply it when stepping front, back or sideways.

supergroup7 said...

Thank you I will keep your advice in mind. Right now, I'm really straining on getting the different holds, and changing of the hands correctly, but one day I aspire to pulling everything together.
Thanks for your support, and investment into my training.

Will said...


I was thinking and two things came to mind - one is narrow the stance (of course I mentioned that one, last time...) and the the other is think about your elbows. In weapons flaired elbows (even slightly) is an invitation to kill. The time it takes to adjust elbows that are off by an inch or two is much more than the duration of a strike.... You may have to think about this for a while for it to sink in. The tip of a weapon traveling from ready to target is faster than bringing the elbows in from a flair? hmmm.

Good power!


supergroup7 said...

Thank you, Will! I will keep all of that in mind as I work towards improving my efforts.

I appreciate your investment into my path.