Wednesday, February 08, 2006

How long does it take to get a black belt?

"How long would it take me to get a black belt (or it's equivalent)?

As long as it takes, no longer and rarely sooner."


Food for thought.

The first question that I hear from a person considering entering the path of martial arts is "How long before black belt?" I believe that this is the prevailing attitude, but it goes totally against the real goal of training in the arts. If the color of black is what is desired then the easiest method of obtaining that is to go to the local Martial arts store, and pick one up for less than $10. However, I believe that what the person is really hoping for is to have the skills of a black belt, and that will only come through personal effort, dedication, and training. It is really up to the person as to how long it takes. Although.. the body can only strengthen, and learn at a certain rate. Today, I can do 2 push ups, tomorrow perhaps 3.. with alot of consistence I can get up to 10 push ups in about a week. It would be rather impossible to suddenly be able to do 100 push ups after only a day of training... unless you really, really cheat.

Is it worth it though? To lower the amount of expectation so that you can get that black belt around your waist sooner? Not in my eyes. The belt does not make the artist.. it is the artist that brings worth to the belt.


John Vesia said...

Hello Mireille...

Thanks for your comment - you made my day...and congratulations on your recent promotion to shodan! Seems like you've done allright for yourself with appearances in martial arts magazines (I tried downloading the Combat Magazine article but I had trouble - I'll try later). You have a philosophical view of the martial arts similar to mine. As for the advertisements on my earlier postings, I've since activated a spam-filter. I'm going to put you on my links list (if that's OK). By the way, how does Shotokan compare to Kyokushin?

supergroup7 said...

Hi John,

I was hoping that you would come to visit, due to the fact I really admired your blog.

Thank you for the congrats, I am hoping to continue improving, striving, and learning as I train as a black belt.

It is a great compliment that you feel that we have similar philosophical views of the martial arts. I was very impressed with the words on your blog, and I'm looking forward to any other wisdom that you are willing to share with us.

You are more than welcome to place me on your links list. I don't know how to do so, or I would place you on mine.

How does Shotokan compare with Kyokushin? The best way for me to describe it is to say "How does French compare with Spanish?" In both languages, you use the same sounds, for example "t", "p", "a"...Sometimes you use them in familiar ways, and you can understand them in both languages, and sometimes you use them in totally different ways. Since they both come from the same Latin root, there are familiar feel to the language, but they are different enough that you need to learn each of them seperately.

Again, thank you for visiting John. Looking forwards to an internet friendship with you.

[Mat] said...

Yep, same subject.

How long does it take.

I still have to get mine. In any martial art. Yet, I've been training for now... 8 years total. It took me 7 to realize what art was for me. So...

Being a french speaking guy, I truly understand that statement. It's right on target.

Shotokan is good. Not suited for me, but good nonetheless :) I've seen a bit of kyokushinkai, it's really different, circular movements. Not linear. It's beautiful to see. Real fluid.
Well, great to read your comment, as always :)

Mysticism has great power. Black belts instill great mysticism. And Mysticism produces much interest. I guess that's why all those people are asking that question. I guess the real question is : How long until I have that kind of power?

Many paths, one path. Many ways, one way.

Train hard!


GERM said...

Who cares? In fact it only takes a moment to get a black belt. You can buy one on line...
Train to train.

Shea Kang said...

Never let go of your dreams and keep on inspiring people :)