Friday, September 29, 2006

Training with a cold

Yes.. I have caught a seasonal cold.. either from my children bringing it home from school, my fellow dojo mates, or just from walking around in the world.

Ah.. but this cold has taught me alot of karate lessons.

a) You can achieve far more than you think that you can.

b) Attitude is everything.

c) Never let your issues stop you.

d) Admit to reality, but strive for perfection.

and finally..

e) Always be prepared for the unexpected.

I've found that my karate mind set has taken this cold as a challenge rather than as an obstacle. I've increased my intake of vitamin C, gave my body plenty of rest, but also called forth an effort to train everyday. Why train? because the exercise brings up my body temperature and creates an artificial "fever" that helps my immune system. Also, I found that the circulation increase, and the deep breathing in training actually helped me combat my coughing. I have had really restful night sleeps after my training. I didn't spend the whole night away drinking hot chocolate, and having a dry cough.

Sure.. when I woke up.. I'd have an early morning clearing of the lungs coughing fit.. but so far.. so good on this cold. I feel pretty normal. Sure.. there is a slight threat of a headache at the back of my mind, but other than that and a couple of "barks" that escape now and then... I feel great.

Pretty cool that karate can help you with the mundane challenge of a common cold.


lizzie said...

I haven't trained when I had a cold yet. How long does your colds last for? Mine usually last for a week. My last one lasted for three days.

supergroup7 said...

Yes.. about a week.. that's how long that it lasts for me, also.

[Mat] said...

I have around... 3 colds a years. They last about 4 months each.

Kidding. About 2 weeks.

cheers, and good health!

Anonymous said...

I have had the same problem two weeks ago.

I find that it's not during training that is the worse but after. Could not stop coughing, probably because of all the loud KIAIs (enough so that my wife had a hard time sleeping).

Keep drinking that water!

supergroup7 said...

Coughing isn't bad when you train.. the most grossest is when you have a runny nose and you try to train.. I stood in stance once totally panicing because of my runny nose that was threatening to drip all over me. I called out quietly to a friend that was sitting on the sidelines watching the class asking for a kleenex.

My Sensei overheard me, and interrupted by saying "Mireille.. that's what your gi sleeve is for.."

I sent him a stunned look of disbelief, but he just keep on nodding at me with a big smile. So.. I pulled up my arm, and like a little 6 year old boy, I wiped my nose on my sleeve. Then I added the words "I pity my next opponent in kumite tonight.."

Which sent both my friend, and Sensei into laughter.
Ah... Innercity memories... :-)

Stephen Irwin said...

Our household's been caught with the same thing. Must be the change in seasons.

Sensible training is the order of the day!