Saturday, November 11, 2006

In honor of Remembrance Day... Thank you Sifu

If you like my poem pass it on.
In the distance one can see the glimpse of freedom slipping away
Through terror, killing and fear everyday.

But in the hearts of those that scale freedom's wall,
they will never let those evils overtake us all.

They stand on posts, they guard the night,
and yes some give the ultimate sacrifice.

Their nights are short, their days are long
and they long to hear a child's song.

They long to touch their loved ones far away, but they know in their hearts, it's duty that day.

So, as you pass one of these guardians of peace of mind, remember their duty was and still is to protect those rights you have at this time.

As it has been stated before and by so many, Freedom isn't Free, and those that serve preserve it do it with Honor and Dignity.

Tim White
First Sergeant IGR

1 comment:

[Mat] said...

We do remember.

May all those who died be free. And may all frontiers be one day gone so that we remember that we all cone from the same thing.

And that we're all human.