Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Another great KIAI moment!

This morning.. early in the morning.. my oldest daughter had made her lunch for work, and then proceeded to leave the house without it. I had said my goodbyes, and had turned to go do something in the kitchen when I noticed the lunch sitting there on the table. Scooping it up I ran outside into the snow in my pajamas to see that my daughter was not to be seen. So? I KIAI'd her name into the air around me. Out in the distance I hear my daughter mutely respond with a quiet confused "Mom?" I kiai'd the words "Your LUNCH!" almost as if I was attacking the dampening effect of the snow around me. Within minutes I saw my daughter running back and gratefully retreiving her food for the day.

I walked back into my home to find one of my other daughters standing in the Dining room.. wide-eyed, and awake.. her hair disheveled.. and her face filled with confusion.

"Mom? It's early in the morning.. why did you call me? I don't need a lunch for school today?" she asked.

I chuckled and explained it all to her with a big hug.

Not too much later, my youngest son, almost drooping with sleepiness said:

"Mom.. your yell had me awake right away.. and my knees were shaking... I thought that we were all in trouble or something. Then my sister came back to tell me that you just wanted to hug her."

WAH ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Talk about an effective Kiai! 3 kids responded for the price of one yell.

Ha ha ha ha ha


[Mat] said...


effective, to say the least!

Jill said...

It sure get out a lot of energy!!!
Even some positive energy!!
Makes me realised the power it has!!

Jill said...

That demonstrated the power of the kiai!!(sound weird to pronouced it in english, for me is Kia)

supergroup7 said...

Ah! There is so much to the Kiai that I believe we haven't unearthed the potential that it has!

Sound is energy just like light, and it affects our bodies. How many times I'll be just sitting there calmly, and I'll hear a pop, or a crash, and my whole body reacts to the sound? Too many to count! Yet the sound wasn't near me at all.. it was upstairs, or in the basement.

At times I've even felt my ears "perk up" at a sound.. it's rare, but I've felt a light tightening around my ears.

I really believe that the right tone, quality, and depth of a kiai can put your opponent into 'Kyo' or 'pause' as their bodies react to the sudden explosiveness of the sound.