Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sorry that I dropped off the face of the earth..

It's been insane around here, let me fill you in:

1. Oldest daughter's piano recital.
2. Middle daughter still doing theatre lessons.
3. Middle daughter attending special choir practices for a big City event involving an orchestra.
4. Foster daughter's dance recital.
5. Middle daughter's belt rank test. She has been asking for me to help her practice each day.
6. Nephew moved out of his apartment and needed help to get it all clean in one day.
7. My Kyokushin dojo is celebrating it's 25th Anniversay in a few weeks. I'm running around organizing, purchasing, and preparing.
8. I have received a position lately from my Shotokan Sensei which involves much running around, contacting people, taking various courses, and such. More will be revealed in time.. right now everything is "hush, hush."

To be honest, I do not have time to go grocery shopping.. we have been scrounging up meals from whatever cans, and frozen foods that I can unearth in my cupboards, and freezer. It's all positive stress.. but man.. oh man... I need a vacation.

Once all the dust has settled I promise that I will be back, and typing out my thoughts, and experiences to share with you.


lizzie said...

You sound very busy. It's very cool that your daughter is involved with choir.

[Mat] said...

Hush hush, huh. :D

good for you.

I can't read much about martial arts or write, I can't bear to think that I'm off karate for the next 5 or 6 months. UGH.

I didn't know I'd miss it that much.

Glad to hear you're doing good. :D

be well,

supergroup7 said...

Yes Lizzie.. but it's a GOOD busy. :-)

OH yes, Mat.. totally 'Hush, hush'...
But when I reveal it all, I promise to fill you in on details.

I'm sorry that you are off of karate for so long, Mat. I know how passionately you enjoyed each class. Is Tai chi helping you cope with it's different type of challenges?