Monday, November 12, 2007

Go Sensei Boaretto Campaign

Sensei Cesar Boaretto

Training on the hanging bag...

Working on his push ups..

Building up his kicks..

Posed with Champion Sempai Bruno Feitosa at Gran Prix Kyokushinkai after winning 3rd in 2006

Sensei Boaretto with some of his Martial arts companions.

Captured on t.v. doing an ax kick on his opponent..

Outdoor training in a waterfall..

I want to support Sensei Cesar Boaretto ( Brazil ) in his efforts to compete Internationally at the 2nd World Cup Kyokushin Tournament being held in Japan, Jan. 17-19th in 2008. With his permission, I'm posting some pictures from his online photo album.

In a country where soccer/football is the "in" sport, it can be quite daunting to raise support, and sponsors for international competition in Martial arts. I wish Sensei Boaretto great success in his goal. If any of you silent readers of my blog would wish to support Sensei Boaretto financially, or with supportive comments, you can feel free to contact him at

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Osu, my dear friend !

I would like to thank you for your kind support in the campaign "Go, Boaretto".
The things here are some hard but i don't lost the hope.
One more time, thank you very much for your great support. Your positive energies are very important.

See you one day.

Yours in Kyokushin.