Friday, December 07, 2007

Make sure that you return your rented videos on time

Make sure that you return your rented videos on time, or you'd better train harder in your chosen Martial arts because it looks like the Video Rental companies are getting tougher on late returns.



[Mat] said...




Steve said...

That was very silly. Very silly, indeed. Ninjas are so goofy. :)

Silverstar said...

Whew! Thank God I returned my late videos from Blockbuster yesterday! ;)

Sarah said...

:D Very nice. Loved it! Glad I don't have any overdue movies at blockbuster. I use Hollywood Video - they use attack cats, so I just carry a tranquilizer gun. Haha.
Anyone else think the ninjas are really bad, for being ninjas? Kind of bruisers with sticks - so easily taken out? :) Part of the joke, I know. I think of that every time I watch a Jackie Chan movie - it's never that easy to take people out in real life, is it? Haha.

frotoe said...

hahahaha! that was great!