Friday, September 26, 2008

Our little choices affect the rest of the outcome

We may not think that it is important, but it is in the little daily choices that we affect the greater path of our life.

It is how we execute a stance, or a strike in the mundane basic training that makes or breaks a technique when we need to apply it.

So often we overlook the simple, and focus on the complicated.. but I have learned that it is through the simple that we will attain the more complex. This revelation explains to me the reason why the higher ranked Black Belts return their energy to a simple middle punch over and over again. The basic building blocks contain the answers to the larger picture.

It is important to realize, as Martial Artists, that the things that we learned as a lower belt need to become stronger, and not tossed aside being considered useless.

Skill builds up, and needs continuation from previous experience.

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