Thursday, February 19, 2009

Releasing daydreams, and embracing reality

I was awakened today to a reality that saddened me:

In the eyes of my workplace, I am no more than Phone#8136 There is a need for a physical body to sit for 8 hours in front of Phone#8136 and I fulfill that empty spot for the scheduled amount of time.

I was hoping for more than that to be honest. I was hoping that I could find some sort of value, and depth to what I was doing. I was hoping that my efforts would be witnessed, and supported, but the reality is different.

The personal value to my work is "how" I do what I do. I know that I will give my best because it is who I am, and that sacred area cannot be touched regardless to how others want to evaluate my efforts. It stays as truth regardless to what results occur.

I will strip away all desires, hopes, and dreams from this aspect of my life, and live moment by moment facing each challenge as it's own entity minute by minute. I will not worry about what might have been, or what is to come.

I will live the Kyokushin Way, and walk in reality. I am Phone#8136, and when I answer the call from someone needing assistance they will get the best quality that I can give to them in respect, and patience.


Lizzie said...

I didn't know that you worked. Where do you work at? It sounds like a call center for a big company. Can you hang up on the people if they start swearing and yelling at you? My first site for my security company was a Bank of America call center. They dealt with credit cards. I felt so bad for the employees because they had to endure when the costumers would start yelling at them. I know it made some of the women cry. I would hate being on the phone all day. Do you work part time?

When working for my security company, I realized that they don't care about their employees. They'd rather work some very hard until they quit. It's common sense to treat the employees with respect and even care about them. However, most people care about themselves. Which is really sad because everyone should care and love one another.

supergroup7 said...

Hi LIzzie, Nice to see you again. I like your picture.. Great action shot!

Yes, I started working full time last year. Yes, it's a call center. Yes, it is a difficult occupation, and I have seen many people walk away from their phones in emotional distress ( including myself) But, for the most part, I enjoy my work. I love helping people, and this job gives me the opportunity to help others. It uses all of my personal strengths. I always have a smile of satisfaction at the end of a call because I have helped someone meet their goals for that moment. Some calls are more difficult than others, but I view each one as a challenge, and I rise to meet it.

I do not think that it is necessarilly an issue with the "company" but more that it is workplace reality that I am coming to terms with.

Lizzie said...

What do they call in for?

Lizzie said...

Thanks. It's nice to hear from you too. That picture was taken at my evil dojo. Now, I don't even have a dojo because I'm at BYU. I haven't found a good school/teacher that has caught my attention yet.

MilkManX said...


Keep it up. I worked at a call center once. It wasnt for me so I found another job but do what you have to do!


supergroup7 said...


Thank you MilkmanX.


Ikigai said...

Yes I think I would have difficulty with a job like yours. It's great that you get satisfaction out of it, that's really what counts.

Of course, there is nothing saying you'll be phone #8136 forever. This could just be a stepping stone.

Ruth said...

A little off topic but have you ever had to explain what respect was to group of kids. Yesterday I was asked to do this in my karate class. I think I only managed to confuse them. As someone I would consider to be very wise, I was wondering how you of gone about this? Many thanks

supergroup7 said...

Hi Lizzie, people call in for service. They need different information, and such things that is not easily available in any other way. I have access to this knowledge, and I can help them unravel their confusion, and problems.

supergroup7 said...

Yes Ikigai, thank you for your comment.

It may be harsh to say that I am only Phone #8136, but I see it more as grasping a hold of the reality of the moment. I believe that there is value to my every moment, and action. I can grow from every experience. I only need to find out what each one offers to me.

Mathieu said...

This is a good post.