Tuesday, April 14, 2009

OOooo.. WOW!!!!! Now THAT"S a Roundhouse KICK!!!!

Wow.. Wow! WOW!!! I remember my Sensei telling me that all one needs to do is to watch a Master in Karate, and you will learn by their movement how it should be done. This video is all in Japanese, but I understood what the Master was saying just from watching the movements.

Look how close Kagawa sensei, 8th dan, JKS world technical director is to his opponent when he is doing his Jodan Mawashi Geri. HOLY!!!!! AND did you see him do the kick hitting the back of his opponent's head. I never would have thought that was possible, but just LOOK at him do it as easily as dishing out a piece of pie. I could watch this video all day long, and still marvel at it.

Now I can understand why it is so emphasized ( in some arts) to bring the knee around to the outside when executing a roundhouse kick. It will allow you to be closer to your opponent and still strike the Jodan target. If you bring your kicking knee to the front, the opponent's body gets in the way.

Quickly, watch this video before it is removed from youtube.. I'm saying this because it seems that all of the good videos are taken away far too soon.


MilkManX said...


Yeah there is another one with him doing that at a demo.

He is very good!


Colin Wee said...

It's not bad, hey. Colin

supergroup7 said...


Matt "Ikigai" said...

You can really tell he has the mechanics down to an unconscious level.

Selby Karateka said...

I trained with Kagawa Sensei a few weeks ago it was a great session, if you ever get the chance it is well worth it. Osu!