Saturday, January 08, 2011

New Year's Goals 2011

Last year my goals were:

"In 2010, my goals are towards integrating all of my training into my daily life.

I want to find balance between stress, and rest. I want to train hard, deplete myself, and then allow myself to recover, and strengthen.

I want to implement a daily conditioning routine that I can carry into my old age that blends with the challenges, and demands of my day.

I want to learn to eat properly to support the two goals listed above. This Christmas it took me only 2 weeks to gain 10 pounds. No real training, and triple the amount of rich foods have contributed to this, and I can only put the responsibility on myself for allowing this to happen. I know that I will lose this weight, but for that weight loss to be healthy I have to keep a balanced effort. I'm thinking of going back to keeping a journal of my eating so that I can even out the amount of calories that I take in, and make sure that I have enough fruits and vegetables. "

On the whole, I can proudly say that I have incorporated the above goals into my daily life. In fact, this year I did not gain any weight over the holiday season. I still enjoyed myself, and ate some treats to enjoy myself, but I controlled how much. I did have to force myself to rest more than once.

This year my goal is more personal, and direct. I have had a very strong desire for years now to go compete in a Kyokushin Tournament as a Kata competitor. This will be realized in 2011 in March. I have been training for this moment with much diligence, perseverence, and hope, and I look forwards to the event. All of my mental, and physical efforts, Kihon, Kata, and Kumite are directed towards improving my performance... and preparing for my upcoming Kyokushin Black Belt test.

What can I say about that incipient Kyokushin Shodan test? This whole blog exists because I wanted to keep a journal of my walk towards my Shotokan Black. The experiences that I went through in Shotokan has changed how I feel towards everything. I have learned many things that have made me look twice at what rank is, and what it reveals.

However, I have full confidence now that I will find solidity, and personal closure when I achieve the Black Belt rank in Kyokushin. Will it be at this year's test? I cannot say. I can tell you that I have put in every ounce of my determination, and energy towards becoming the best Karate-ka that I can be, and that I will put that effort out on the Dojo floor when I test.

My friends, I know that you all wish me well. As one of my Martial Arts friends would say "Don't wish me good luck on my upcoming test, wish me good skill." :-)


SueC said...

Here's hoping you achieve your goals this year. Wishing you good skill in your forthcoming competition and shodan test!

supergroup7 said...

Thank you, SueC.. Greatly appreciated.

Mathieu said...

You'll do great. Because you're you.

supergroup7 said...

Mat! You have just made my day.