Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Year.. New opportunities... New Goals

Last Year's Goals were as follows:

a) I want to focus on improving my Saiha Kata, and Seienchin Kata.

b) To help cope with the increasing sensations of stiffness, and pain in my knees/elbows/ankles/wrists I have started taking Ginger supplements in my diet. It is my goal to find other ways to support my body so that I can continue to train into my golden years. I'm hoping that by next New Year's I will see an improvement due to the aide of the Ginger.

c) Review: I would like to work towards rewriting my notes, and creating a more complete library of the information that I need to know, want to know, and even added on extras of Martial Arts information that just interests me. 


Well, I did work on my Saiha, and Seienchin Kata for the year, and improved my knowledge of them.  Applications of the various movements started to make sense, and I feel far more confident in hitting the "spot"on each movement.

I found that increasing my consumption of Ginger did not improve my situation.  However, through the guidance of my Sensei, I did remove MSG, and Glucose-Fructose ( High Fructose Corn Syrup) additives from my diet.  I noticed that I started losing weight ( 12 pounds) without any other diet change, and much of my stiffness has cleared up.

I did not have the time to work on my library of information. That is a big chore, and it involves too much dedication to dig through everything right now.  Family, work, and training is foremost.

New Years Goals for 2013

a)  This year I have been working one of history's classic Kata:  Naihanchi ( Naifanchi) or also known as Tekki.  It is my goal to improve my performance of this Kata, and learn from it's lessons.  Sensei Gichin Funakoshi has said that he spent 10 years working on it, I'm willing to put forth my little efforts.
"So important was the Naifuanchi kata to old-style karate that Kentsu Yabu, the martial arts instructor at the Okinawa Prefectural Teacher's School, often told his students "Kata wa Naifuanchi ni hajimari, Naifuanchi ni owaru" (Kata begins and ends with Naifuanchi) (Gima et al, 1986)." website

b)  I have been neglecting the internet Martial Arts forums due to all of my various life challenges from work, home, and hobby.  So, I thought that I would return and visit various places now and then to reconnect. I may only have a few minutes to offer.. but I will make a strong attempt to add this into my life because I find that it helps me expand my knowledge, and thinking as I train.

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