Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How to Invest In Yourself

At first one may think that he is speaking about careers, and business, but listen on, and you will find that the main message is to change the way that you think about what you are doing so that you can achieve success, and happiness.  This can apply to anything from relationships to Martial Arts training.

I can see how understanding the "why" that we do so many middle punches can improve the value of our efforts especially for those of us who have been training for many years. When your experience starts heading into decades of sweating on the dojo floor, and you might start to feel the dryness of the repetition, this is when his encouraging video helps you to regain focus.  However it can also help the beginner student who is confused by the training, and doesn't understand the emphasis on perfecting the movement, perhaps thinking "a punch is a punch, who cares what angle, speed, or target.." missing out on the multiple uses of a middle punch simply by negating it's importance.

The main idea is how much value you place on the activity, or investment.  It isn't the behavioral changes that are important.. that is short term.. it's the reason that you chose to change your behavior.

Honestly.. check out his 166 videos.. ( ... not all at once :-) )  I know that I'm going to do so.. and leave a comment.  It might just change your life.. and for the better.

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