Sunday, March 15, 2015

What you don't see..

My good friend, Sensei Paul, once advised me "Look at what your Instructor is NOT doing when he/she is demonstrating. You will get more from that knowledge."

I had NO clue what he meant at the time.  I knew that it sounded wise.. but I didn't understand the message.  Now I do.. 

I can think back on a funny moment when I was trying to learn my roundhouse kicks, and Sensei Walter came up to me with a puzzled face... "Funny", he said "I don't remember windmilling my arms like that when I demonstrated."  I wasn't even aware that my arms were flying around, and back and forth as I attempted to keep balance and do a proper kick.

The things that your Sensei is NOT doing is as important, or even MORE important than those that he/she is doing.

How did your Sensei close the gap between him/her and the opponent so smoothly?

How did he/she keep most of their body still while only one part moved when yours seems to sway, bump, and grind into position?

Why is his/her arm placed in that certain place, and not in the other place while yours seems to switch all over the place?

How is he/she putting so much power, and speed into such a little movement.

Their movements show an accumulation of experience, and inner understanding which comes from the years of doing this activity.  So.. when your Sensei goes up front and demonstrates something that you've seen demonstrated so many times before and you think that you know it.. stop for a second, and really watch what he/she isn't doing, and that you are still doing. Try to figure out what you would need to work on to achieve what they already have...

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