Sunday, July 09, 2006

Transfering some blog entries

A good amount of months ago, I used to frequent a website that offered the blogging service. It was a very enjoyable website, but as things go in this world, the website closed down and is inaccessible to me.

I've decided to include some of my more favorite entries from that blog onto this one. The following excerpt was written a year ago. Things haven't changed much in my home since that blog entry:

Training at home

Here I was! Searching for a couple of hours of time in my day to do a little of practice. I was thinking.. "O.K.. early morning! Before the kids get up.. I'll do some training in karate.."

However, my daughter woke up before me, and managed to have needs, and wants that I had to meet, and then the other kids got up. Breakfast, dishes, laundry, and housecleaning took over the time.

I looked at the clock and saw that it was 10 am.. "Good!" I thought "Maybe now I can get at least 1 hour of concentrated karate practice." I started clearing a space in my dining room for training, but my other daughter appeared with her school supply list, and a worried face.

"Mom.. I don't think that I have all that I need.." She said to me.

Well.. Mommy decided "I've got the rest of the day to do karate.. I'll help her with her school list."

Then Lunch had to be made, and my little son had problems outside with the neighbour's kid, and Mommy to the rescue. There was a spider in the upstairs bathroom that only Mommy could handle. The teenaged daughter stopped Mommy as she came down the stairs to talk to her about the upcoming weekend plans. We all know that when a teenager feels inclined to reveal important personal information.. you HAVE to stop, and listen. It's a rare occurance!

Oh dear.. it was supper time. I couldn't train.. had to make the meal, serve it, and clean up. I consoled myself thinking "Well.. I can train from 7 to 9 pm...The kids went up to their rooms to settle for bed". ,

At 7 pm I was happilly warming up.. I barely managed a few kicks, and a couple of punches, and in comes my husband.

"Honey.." He announced to me seriously "We have to talk about important issues about our mortgage.. How much longer will you be training?"

I gave up.. I answered "I'm almost done..". It was 7:15 pm. Sigh.... my two hours of training had become a short 15 minutes.


[Mat] said...

But at least it was 15 minutes.

Sorry about the lost posts...

May I suggest that you write what you want to write in Word and then copy/paste them in blogger? That way, you get to keep old posts and have them online too.


Ruth said...

So it's not just me then! This rings so true in this household too. Only, you clearly _do_ find time for important things like exercise and good diet. Somehow, I'm not managing it very well. Could this be because my youngest is still so young (19 months) and therefore so much more demanding.... or is that just an excuse???

supergroup7 said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Mat.

Actually, I was doing that sort of thing. I saved all of my posts just in case the blogging site went down. So I'm putting a couple of my favorite onto this blog.

I'll intermingle them with the "What's happening now Posts" so that we aren't constantly living in the past.

supergroup7 said...

Yes Ruth.. I do find time here and there. Some days I have more time for training, other days I have less. I try to include it within the daily chores.. for example, I'll invert everytime I go do a load of laundry. This household produces a good 8-9 loads of laundry per week. I'll also invert in the morning after I've dressed, and just before bedtime. When I fold the laundry I do squats to pick up the clothes, and put them down again.

After I do a sinkful of dishes I'll use the sink to hold my balance and I'll do about 30 kicks on each leg. Each sinkful is a different type of kick. We have alot of dirty dishes in my home.

I'll do sit ups, or weight lift as I watch the television. I've found that I can do quite alot of them. During commercials I'll do kata, or push ups.

You just need to be creative to find ways of training. Have you tried various ways of "playing" with your 19 month old that involved doing leg lifts with him/her sitting on your ankles while you hold his/her hands for balance? How about a fun piggy back ride as you move around using only your legs in the kata? How about playing pattycake but in horse stance as low as you can make it? Do your ironing while standing on one leg..Just having to pick up your toddler and put her/him back down can also be training.. You must do it a hundred times a day.. just do it with your back straight, and use your legs.. Instant weight lifting for your thighs! There is a fantastic amount of ways to train.. you just have to keep awake to the possibilities.

When you find what works for you, I'd be more than interested to hear about it. You will inspire me to find new ways to train in my home.