Saturday, July 29, 2006

Woot! 5 minute headstand achieved

Oh yes! Oh yes! I managed to attempt, and perform a 5 minute headstand (unaided) with my daughter timing me for a full 5 minutes. In fact, for certain amount of time, I brought my feet away from the support of the wall, and was holding the headstand free from any help. Not one ounce of fear.. not even an inkling. I have met my first goal.

I came down from that with joy, and elation. Boo YA! Wouldn't you know what I attempted right after that? Sure.. why not.. I tried to do a handstand.. with my husband to catch my feet of course.

Handstands feel different than headstands.. my back feels more "out of line", and curled out of shape. I wasn't able to achieve the Handstand. It's like my body refused to allow my hips to go above my head, and it felt like my nose was going to go crashing into the floor in front of me. I felt the weight of my body landing on my shoulders, elbows, and wrists, and it felt like my wrists couldn't bend enough to get the right angle. I'm going to have to watch my 7 year son achieve his handstands to see what he does with his arms to get the right support. He can pop into a handstand with no problems at all.

BUT.. Good news.. there was no fear in me. There was just an awareness that I have no clue of how to do a handstand.

By the way, I added pictures of my Water Bo staff in my posting:


John Vesia said...

Congratulations on your accomplishment! I do hope you got up slowly after being upside down for 5 minutes.

Someone recently sent me a video of some old King Fu guy doing a fingerstand! You read that right -- on one finger no less. Don't get any ideas!

lizzie said...

Good job Supergroup!!!!!!!!!!!!

frotoe said...

All right!! Congratulations!

[Mat] said...


That's a pretty nice accomplishment!

I try the handstand every now and then.

Fingerstand? That's crazy!


supergroup7 said...

Thank you! Thank you! I accept your praise, and acclamations. I darn well worked hard for them, and deserve them.

Now, onto greater and more frightening things... Handstands.

Wish me luck.

Ruth said...

Congratulations! That's brilliant!

supergroup7 said...

Thanks Ruth!