Monday, April 30, 2007

Thank goodness for hard karate classes

Oh yes.. I was thanking my lucky stars that I've had to face hard demanding "train until you drop" type of karate classes when I helped my daughter move out to her new apartment yesterday.

It wasn't the 7 hours of cleaning, and carrying boxes that affected me at all. I have to admit that it was the stairs. My body isn't used to doing alot of stairs.. not for hours at a time carrying weighted boxes. I felt my legs burning with the effort about half way through the move. I just deepened my breathing to help remove waste products, and focused on each challenge as it came. I shifted my mind away from the emotional grief that I was feeling as I thought that this was my little girl moving out from home for the first time, and focused on the task of helping her achieve her goals.

I overheard her friend say to her "Are you tired yet?" My daughter responded confidently "Are you kidding? I have two Karate masters helping me, and we are both Subway employees. We don't know the word "tired". We've just started to get working."

She was right, there was no stopping us from getting everything moved, and set up THAT day.

Today, my legs are SO exhausted.. oh man.. I feel like I've been through another black belt test both physically, and mentally... and I thank my lucky stars that I've been through similar challenges victoriously in the past.

I've got class tonight.. I almost dread the stretching part.. I know that my legs will appreciate it, but sore stiff muscles do not feel very nice during stretching.


[Mat] said...

I pre-ouch for you.

Pre effort-ouch. ouch ouch.

You'll get through it.

I remember your story of how you came to karate in the first place. What a great story and I'm very glad that it helps you in so many parts of your life.

Your body-temple is getting better. YAY!

Go you!

supergroup7 said...

Yes.. I've come a long way from being breathless after climbing just one flight of stairs, haven't I?

*Gentle smile*