Monday, April 02, 2007

Women at War in history: Britain's Roman Army

Too many times I have heard, or read the attitude from some men that women should not be encouraged to train in Martial arts. They argue that women are too emotional, weak, and timid to be able to be good fighters. Yet, History has given us many examples of women warriors who showed that they were quite ready, and willing to fight.

I have just recently found another example of this. So again, I have to state: SURPRISE! Women fought beside men as equals.

Women warriors from Amazon fought for Britain's Roman army

By Lewis Smith

"THE remains of two Amazon warriors serving with the Roman army in Britain have been discovered in a cemetery that has astonished archaeologists.

Women soldiers were previously unknown in the Roman army in Britain and the find at Brougham in Cumbria will force a reappraisal of their role in 3rd-century society.

The women are thought to have come from the Danube region of Eastern Europe, which was where the Ancient Greeks said the fearsome Amazon warriors could be found.

The women, believed to have died some time between AD220 and 300, were burnt on pyres upon which were placed their horses and military equipment. The remains were uncovered in the 1960s but full-scale analysis and identification has been possible only since 2000 with technological advances......

One of the sets of women warrior’s remains were found with the burnt remnants of animals. Bone veneer, used to decorate boxes, was also found alongside evidence of a sword scabbard and red pottery. The possessions suggest that she was of high status and her age has been estimated at between 20 and 40 years old. The other woman, thought to be between 21 and 45, was buried with a silver bowl, a sword scabbard, bone veneer and ivory. "


Werewolfking said...

Archaeologists now believe those graves may be of female gladiators, not soldiers.

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supergroup7 said...

Hi and welcome to my blog werewolfking. I visited yours, and you have a nice start happening there. It looks like your blog is only a few days old, am I right? I wish you many days of enjoyment, and many visitors. So far it looks like a very interesting blog.

Female gladiators sounds like a cool concept too. I'll have to explore that in the future. Thanks.