Monday, June 25, 2007

It's going crazy around here..

Belt rank tests, piano recitals, awards ceremonies, Junior high school grads, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. etc. You know.. all of the "End of the year" events.

My hands have been so full, and the fact that the children have no classes at school makes things difficult for me to keep up with housework, and at home training. The kids and their friends are socializing in my home constantly. This is good, actually, because then I can keep an eye on them.

My day has been expanding into my night. I've been staying up hours past my bedtime, and waking up hours early. I've been commandeering my children into chores just to free my hands for other things.. especially karate.

I'm facing the chance that I might be testing in the next two weeks for my next Kyokushin belt rank. I want to be ready for that, or at least as ready as I can be. I've added extra training to my weeks, but I also tried to respect the fact that I do not want to overtrain ( and thereby weaken myself.) That's such a hard balance!

I still have to purchase boards for breaking, and ink for printing up my essay. I might have to write my essay up in handwriting. Money has become tight in our household due to all of the birthdays packed into these weeks.

It's all good stress.. but it's there, and saying "Hey there.. how much do you think you are capable of?"


[Mat] said...

Might want to consider rebreakable boards. Which are, in fact, harder to break than standard pine boards.


be well Sensei!

Silverstar said...

Sounds like you definitely have your hands full! I'm sure you will pull through fine and do great on the test. :)

supergroup7 said...

After this test is over, I'll approach my Sensei with the suggestion of rebreakable boards. It would be better for the environment ( less wood = less loss of trees ), and instead of paying so much each test, it would be a one time investment. I googled them, and found that that they cost about $50 each.. Hmm.. Thanks for the suggestion, Mat. I will definitely look into it.

Thanks for the words of support Silverstar. I can guarantee you that I will do my best. :-)

John Vesia said...

Good luck on your Kyokushin test. Am I reading you right, you're required to write an essay for this test? What rank are you going for?

blackbeltmama said...

I hear you. I'm going nuts right now. Return from vacation blues.

supergroup7 said...

Yes, Sensei John, for my next belt rank in Kyokushin ( 4th kyu Green belt) I need to do an in-dojo written test...of which I've accomplished. It took me 2 hours to write. In addition to this, I am to hand in an essay on the topic of my Sensei's choice. I have to pass this element before I will be allowed to continue onto the next requirement of my belt rank test.

Vacation blues? Blues? Gee.. those pictures of your vacation on your weblog looked wonderful! Sure.. you did get a bad sunburn, but it looked like you were having alot of fun. I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling the blues.