Sunday, June 03, 2007

Time for the International support to work it's magic

I have a WONDERFUL Kyokushin Martial artist internet friend who is setting the challenging goal that many of us have dreamed about, and desired. He would like to attend a World Tournament in Japan next year. He has the talent, the skill, and the desire.. what he needs is support. Not only financial support, but words of encouragement, and people to join him spiritually in his path. This is his campaign in his own words:

Dear friends,



We would like to present you our campaign to support and help Sensei Boaretto to go to the 2nd World Cup Kyokushin Union, will be held in Naha – Okinawa – Japan – in January 17 – 19. Beyond the duty as Representative, consist before in the accomplishment of a dream of an athlete.

How you can help us:

* Donations will be accepted through bank deposit on CAIXA ECONOMICA FEDERAL BANK – XXX. We are thankful the understanding.
* It buy the diverse raffles will be saled with the incoming reverted in favor of Sensei Boaretto
* T-shirts will be saled with collection reverted in favor of Sensei Boaretto.
* Attend in the events and tournaments with collection reverted too in favor of Sensei Boaretto.

Being the country and my state absent and knowing the understanding of all friends and several people, we would like to thank you very much and present my apologizes if I’m disturbing you in this way.

Yours in Kyokushin,


If you would like to see some pictures of my dear friend, you can look here:

It's a portuguese weblog/photo album so just click on "Todas as Fotos" ( All pictures ) to catch some really awesome training pictures. Check out the one where he is training under a waterfall!

Any form of support would be appreciated, especially positive words, advice on fundraising, and supportive comments on training for such a big event.

If you would like to send him an email:

To start I will say:



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Here's a google translate link that renders your friends page in an approximation of english:

English Version

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Best of luck to him!