Friday, July 20, 2007

On vacation

2 weeks of no Kyokushin classes due to summer vacation. I've been missing the routine.

Sure.. I still had Shotokan to attend, but for some reason, it just wasn't enough for me. I guess I'm just a karate addict.

Yes.. I added training at home. It's different to train by oneself. I sped up the bunkai sequences into almost fighting speed, and did a half hour of training in 12 minutes. Talk about breathless at the end of it! My kicking exercises were done in smaller portions as I would do 20 kicks, put away some clean dishes, and then do another 20 kicks.

I found myself doing my sit ups, push ups, and other conditioning exercises as I watched t.v. with my husband.

Kata, and Bo training was in the backyard, and well... my grass didn't like that much.

I caught one of my Basic Kyokushin Kata on video for a friend from a forum. I can share it here for your entertainment. It's called "Kihon Sono Ichi", and according to the more experienced Kyokushin Karate-ka, this kata is mainly performed by Canadians. It is not found in the other Kyokushin dojo around the world.

This first video is being performed on the street in front of my house. Notice: I'm wearing Gator shoes. I was concerned about glass, and rocks. The feel of those shoes on my feet truly made kata more interesting as they shuffled around.

I'm doing the next kata more slowly, emphasizing the movements. I shifted over to the grass to avoid the cars that were driving down the street.

I just thought that I'd share this with you. Why waste a perfectly good set of videos?


[Mat] said...

Hey, nice videos...

I missed all that!

supergroup7 said...

Thanks Mat..

You missed the training? Yeah, I would too.