Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My first student to suffer..

Tonight, for the first time since I started teaching, one of my students suffered the experience of having to run to the washroom to throw up. I've seen this happen during karate training more than once, but this is the first time that I've been the one causing it.

I stood there accessing what I had asked the class to do, wondering "Was I asking too much? Gee.. I thought that I had really brought the demand down due to the heat."

Yes, it was hot in my dojo. The temperature outside was over 30 degrees celcius, and my dojo was not air conditioned. I was wondering if any of my students would show up to train in this heat. There were more than one exercise program that has been cancelled at my facility due to lack of attendence. To my joy, and pride, 99 percent of my students came to train, and they came EARLY! They were all there to greet me. One of my students was out camping.. lucky one.

When we first entered the room, it felt cooler than anywhere else, but that didn't last long. As soon as we did a few exercises, we all felt that we were training in a sauna.

One of my poor students lasted the first quarter of the class time, but suddenly had to rush out of the room. Luckily, I had an older male student to accompany him to the washroom, and provide support. I'm glad that the washrooms are just across the hallway from our room.

I hope that this heat wave passes soon. Up until now we've been having a really wonderful mild summer.

My facility is going to be doing some renovations in September. Let's hope that they consider installing air conditioning.


Steve said...

You guys stay safe and hydrated! I know that early in my training, when I wasn't in the greatest shape, I would have to eat something or I would get nauseous. My blood sugar would drop and then I'd get very ill!

[Mat] said...

"Let's hope that they consider installing air conditioning."

I hope so too.

Weather is very good around these parts, thanks for asking. I've been enjoying a full two weeks holiday. Camping, working on the patio, enjoying my gf's dad's pool. :-D

I have done no karate training at all. I'm giving my knee all the time it needs in the world to heal and I won't be training until I'm sure that it's safe to do a mawashi on it.


I'm visiting a Chiropractor rather regularily and I'll consult a real doctor soon enough. This has lasted long enough.

Otherwise, life is very good. We just learned that my gf's pregnancy is going very well and the baby to be has all her parts where they should be. Yep, Her. A karateka-girl to be.

I hope you are having a wonderful summer. Enjoy it fully.


supergroup7 said...

Welcome steve, and mat! Summer time has been slow on the net for comments. I guess that everyone is extra busy trying to get as much out of the lovely weather as possible before the snow hits.
I've missed your presence.

We'll see if that facility gets air conditioning or not. You'd think that the attendence to a community center in the city goes down in the summer when people go camping, and such. So what incentive would they have to put money into air conditioning?

A GIRL! Woot! that's great.. now you will have two beautiful women in your life to wrap you around their little finger. Take care of that knee so that you can bounce your baby on it. :-)