Wednesday, August 01, 2007

No longer am I a Sensei

I have had to make a severe choice in my path as a Martial artist. I could not continue walking as a Sensei without feeling a deep responsibility as to what I was offering my students. Due to this inner motivation, I have had to sacrifice everything to be true to myself.

I put in my resignation as Sensei of Mizu Dojo today, and I am going to keep to this commitment. I am walking away from Shotokan karate, and embracing Kyokushin Karate fully.

It has always been difficult to chase two Arts at once, and the demand on my body, on my family, and on my financial resources has been immense.

It has not been an easy decision to stop being a Sensei as I have already developed a deep bond with my students. They have been a joy to teach. Their positive attitude, their willingness to learn, their energy, and effort have blest me each time I entered the dojo. I looked forwards to every class. I will cherish the lessons, the experiences, and the memories that these moments have given to me. I loved being a Sensei. Ah well.. such is life, love, and the pursuit of the Martial Arts.

I will still continue walking the path, but now I will do so with more experience, and with higher selection as to what I allow to influence me. I seek to climb no more mountains, but chose rather, to understand myself, my personal expression of karate, and my contribution to the future of Martial arts.


[Mat] said...

astounded, I am.

But understand, I do.

be well.

supergroup7 said...

Grateful, I am.

A good friend, you are.

Virtual hugs.

Nathan Teodoro said...

Well wishes. Must've been a difficult decision.

supergroup7 said...

Osu.. difficult to the extreme.
It hurts.

Thanks for the well wishes.

Steve said...

Wow. I completely understand the dillemma. Sometimes we have to choose between things we love.

Coincidentally, I just had to tell my daughter that she was no longer by favorite. ;-)

supergroup7 said...

So who is your favorite now, Steve?

" OOooooo....Me! Me! Pick me!!!"

Steve said...

LOL. Ahh... the joys of parenthood... encouraging the little lords of the flies to compete in a primal way for my affection! :D

In case anyone, particularly anyone from CPS reads this, I am speaking in jest! :D