Sunday, August 19, 2007

Here we go.. working on handstands again.

Having achieved the ability to do a headstand without total inner panic,
You can follow the progress here:
Positives, and negatives,
2 1/2 minutes achieved
Things that I have learned...
Benefits of Inversion
Sickly Green Dragon of fear
5 minute headstand achieved)

I have now challenged myself to work upon achieving a hand stand.

This morning I placed a large book on the floor, put my head on it, and my hands beside it on their palms, and proceeded to "pretend" to my body that I was just doing another head stand. The intense sounds of distress that erupted from me as I kicked up my legs attracted my husband's attention. I sounded like a whimpering puppy, but I achieved an inversion with my weight on my hands and head instead of on my forearms and head. I held the position until the fear dissipated, and then gently allowed myself to go back down into a huddled position of security with my knees on the ground.

It is my goal to do this action many times a day until the panic subsides, and then to raise the height of the books up another inch so that more weight is onto my hands, and my arms are farther extended. Hopefully within a few months, I will be able to do this action, and then remove the books after achieving a headstand. Then, perhaps.. just perhaps.. I may be able to do a handstand with no crutches to help me.

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Chitose Sensei said :

Through peace, perseverance and hard work,

we will not fail to reach our goal.