Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Big wide eyes of inspiration, and well..almost adoration

Sensei Jean Frenette from Montreal

This traditional style kata done to such lovely music has not failed to mesmerize me. I've watched it more than once, and each time I keep thinking "Oh.. I want to be able to do that!" Watching Sensei Frenette perform this kata reminds me of my inner hunger to bring kata to the point where it comes alive, and where my whole body feels each move as it's own point in time. I've been brought to tears of appreciation more than once. I want to move swiftly, decisively, cleanly, powerfully, and yet gracefully.. just like he does.

In this musical kata, we see Sensei Frenette's "Joie de vivre" expressed in his Martial arts. There is such a joy, freedom, and fluidity in the performance. In my eyes, this is not a fighting kata, although the movements can be used for fighting. This is a celebration of movement. It is a display of ability, and a wonderful one at that.

I hope that I can develop my kata to the point where I can show forth the same amount of spirit, and energy, and inspire others to applying themselves on their path.


[Mat] said...

Sensei Jean Frenette didn't win the title of world champion for nothing.

His students don't even realize the luck they have. I tell you.

supergroup7 said...

Mat, do you know where Sensei Frenette's dojo is located?

Does he go to any of the open Martial events that your group hosts?

[Mat] said...

Sensei Frenette's dojo is located in Boucherville (or close to Montreal)

here is the link :

My group does not host any kind of open martial event. Steve's does.
I honestly don't know if he goes. He has quit competition for a long while for now. Mainly for political issues, I believe.

I had befriended one of his sandan-to-be student a while ago. We lost contact.

be well

[Mat] said...

Hey, I have an idea, let's play : name the kata.

(10 points)

What is the name of the traditionnal kata that Sensei Frenette does in the first video?

(5 points)

What are the roots of that kata?

(may I should invert the point-base)

Gotta love the goju hips. They really move.


[Mat] said...

I also forgot to mention :

Frenette did many books on streching in the 90's. He was a reference as to how to strech.

I was told that his present classes do not reflect that much. His approach is much more traditionnal than before.

You'd like to visit his dojo?

OH! and also, they go to goju-ryu seminars in Ontario quite often. Ottawa or Toronto - don't remember.

Anyways, look it up!

supergroup7 said...

I don't know many Goju kata, Mat. I have no idea what the name of his first kata is.. Roots? Well.. if it is Goju Ryu, I would say that the roots are Higoanna Sensei from Okinawa who applied his Chuan Fa knowledge ( White crane Kung Fu) from China.

I LOVE visiting other dojo, and training under other Sensei. It is always a moment of discovery for me as I visit, and learn.

It would be an extreme joy to be able to see Sensei Frenette first hand.

I'm hoping to be able to go to Montreal one day and compete as a Kyokushin karate ka in Kata. I'm still finding out what is happening in my organization. Supposedly there is an event that happens in the last week of April, but it is a junior event for youth only.

[Mat] said...

Say Hi to "Sanchin" interpreted.

Beautifully, too.