Sunday, August 12, 2007

Yes, I've been quiet lately

It's been a week since my last posting on this blog. I've been quietly going through the moments, decisions, and actions that will change my Martial arts path onto new avenues. There have been moments of heavy sadness, and moments of surprising warmth, and support.

Being a Martial artist can bring alot of fun to one's day. For example, I have requested that my children each get one chance a day to "scare" their Mom. As part of my training, I am learning how to become comfortable with the adrenaline surge that accompanies a sudden sound/ action, and to learn how to breath through it so that I do not freeze. Therefore, 2 of my kids can scare me on Fri., Sat., Sun., and 2 other children are allowed to frighten me Mon, Tues., Wed.. I get to take Thursday off.. it's my "free" day.

Now, my kids have tried and tried to scare me, but their sneaking skills are not quite up to scale yet. I've heard them setting up, or heard them giggling before their attempt, and I wasn't caught off guard. If their attempt fails, they have to wait until the next day to try again.

Well.. my daughter successfully frightened me to the point of looking like a cat hanging off of the ceiling by my claws this morning. I screamed out at her sudden appearance, and kiai, and I felt adrenaline surge through me. I forced myself to breath it out.. and my daughter took off running for the kitchen victoriously laughing all of the way. Once I could gather my wits, I called out "You.. OH YOU!..." which brought even more giggles of laughter from the kitchen.

The more this goes on, the more I feel like Inspector Clouseau defending himself from Kato. ( from the Pink Panther movies..)


Colin Wee said...

It'll be a real laugh if one of their teachers requests a meeting with you to talk about the 'mysterious' bruises that have been inflicted on one or more of your children.

supergroup7 said...

So sorry that I gave you the wrong idea.

My kids sneak up to me, and Kiai at random moments. They do not send any strikes my way.. they just shout. Their goal.. to send me into that "fight or flight" adrenaline reaction where one freezes in spot. I do not attack the kids. My goal is to force myself to breath in and out quickly although I will be naturally holding my breath or releasing my air in a scream. It takes alot of mental effort to control what my lungs are doing.

My kids are safe from any bruises. I do not block, nor attack them physically. However, after I've recuperated from the adrenaline surge, I do tend to yell out "OH Man! YOU!.. YOU!...." with almost a tinge of swearing which of course brings loads of delighted giggles from not only the successful fear mongerer, but also all of my other family members.

[Mat] said...


I remember the last time someone end up screaming at me to make me jump. I had suce a violent reaction, it never happened again.

Think fist going where it shouldn't...


You are quite brave to face that. And so are they!

Steve said...

I wouldn't worry overly much about bruising. My kids are constantly bruised. We've never had any issues, although they are occasionally asked where the bruises come from.

Regarding scaring, my son and I do that to each other all the time. He's gotten me a couple of times.

Oh, and only because I'm such a huge Clouseau fan, it's Kato who is attacked by Clouseau. Not the other way around. :)

Glad to see you're still around and having fun with Martial Arts. Really, unless we intend to be professionals in some manner, this should be about personal growth, health and, IMO the most important thing: fun! It sounds like you're having fun again!

supergroup7 said...

I don't know how "brave" I could consider myself in this instance. I did make rules about the "scaring" aspect. The kids are not allowed to scare me in the kitchen when I'm cooking, or working with sharp things. Nor are they allowed to scare me in the bathroom.. gee.. I wouldn't want to see what would happen in that situation. Half of the time the kids forget to scare me. Ha ha ha.. I've gone a whole 3 days now without one attempt.

supergroup7 said...

Gee Steve.. I always thought that it was Kato that attacked the Inspector. I remember one really funny scene where Kato was hiding on the top part of a canopy bed, and I remember Clouseau yelling "Not now, Kato! Not now.."

Oh yes.. You can't keep a good man down. I'm still having fun, and focusing on my karate training goals. That hasn't stopped..

Steve said...

Thinking back, I believe I'm mistaken! I stand corrected! I guess that's why we teach our kids that it's impolite to correct others. :D

supergroup7 said...

Feel free to correct me, Steve, as many times as you want. I do not see correction as a negative thing. All around the challenge brings forth the best in me, and calls me to strengthen my knowledge.

I also remember moments in the movie when Clouseau was stalking Kato.. I don't remember Clouseau ever being successful without cheating.