Monday, October 29, 2007

Karate resources on the net

One of my favorite haunts on the net is The Martial Arts Curator forum found at:

This resource has a multi Martial art style view of kata applications, bunkai, and history. It looks at how many traditional kata have evolved in the various countries/ Martial arts styles, and works towards unravelling possible interpretations, and stimulating further research into each pattern of movement. It's amazing to see both the similarities, and differences contained within each style's version of the same kata. Filled with respectful interchange of thoughts, this forum shows forth that the future of Martial arts is linked with having an open mind, and a willingness to look beyond the walls that we have placed around us.

I believe that this Kata centered website is a rare find for the serious Taekwondo practioner, and provides them with something extra special to add to their knowledge.

I've been frequenting a Kyokushin website that is filled with interesting information, and resources.

On this site one can find various things of interest to full contact martial artists like articles, a photo/video gallery, international dojo listing of Kyokushin dojo, Kyokushin blogs, etc.

Full contact fighting has it's own challenges, and topics of discussion such as methods of helping bruises heal, for example. There is alot of information that can be helpful to any Martial artist such as which foods can help with hard training, or how much water should one consume per day.

One of the aspects that I love the most about this website is that the founder actively avoids any political martial arts issues showing a deep respect for all organizations, and various Arts.

If you are interested in Kyokushin Karate, or even just in karate related websites, I'd recommend this site.

Two of my favorite Shotokan related sites are:


I have already mentioned how wonderful a resource these two websites are for the serious karate ka regardless to what style is being practiced. Filled with information about training in the art of Karate, one can learn how to make affordable training equipement, or read interviews with inspiring people, or read about medical research being done in karate. I always find myself visiting these sites to read up on the latest information.

If only I could exhaust the amount of information available on the internet through my efforts to read everything that I can find, but this is impossible. Each day more is added, and I only have a few minutes per day to dedicate to study, training, and life. I remember my sensei telling me in a joking manner that "life happens inbetween training" For the longest time, I had no idea what he meant, but now that I hunger for more knowledge, skill, and ability, I think that I am beginning to understand.


Colin Wee said...

Why thank you for the compliment, Mir. I put together TMAC forum in order to get my thoughts around what opportunities arise from kata and how these can be enjoyed by people practicing hard style martial arts. However, I don't notice many people adding their two cents worth - maybe they're too overwhelmed by the brain dump. Nonetheless I have not added more to it because I have not seen anyone interrogating what I have laid down at first. Since I've had the forum, I have more or less completed the training syllabus I use and much of this is reflected in my blog. The blog captures experiences from the training sessions which are run using my new syllabus.

Thanks for the plug!



supergroup7 said...

I haven't been contributing to your TMAC forum lately either. I've been placed in a void wherein my Shotokan training has halted, and I haven't had enough Kyokushin training to really contribute anything new to the discussions on kata. Instead, I've been using what we have already written as a resource to my studying. I've been chewing over what I've seen, and read, and tried to apply it to what I'm doing today as I train. I'm sure that the more I experience, and "get" the movements of my kata, the more I can add comments, and thoughts.

Colin Wee said...

If that's what you're doing, then TMAC forum has exceeded my wildest expectations. Doesn't matter if a gazillion people show up. If it doesn't allow you to make something you're doing accessible to you, then it might as well be shut down. :-) Colin