Thursday, February 07, 2008

Techical details of my belt rank in Shotokan

I was informed by my former Shotokan Instructor through a registered letter that my Shodan status has been revoked.

My Shodan was revoked for the following reasons:

a) The dojo that I was teaching at has been dissolved by circumstances of which I am unaware. I do not know the details as I have not interacted with anyone since last August when I announced my resignation.

b) When I left, I knew that there was going to be renovations of the facility so the Shotokan dojo had no location to train in until Spring of 2008. I offered my students a list of a selection of various choices of temporary training places telling them about other Shotokan dojo in walking distance that they could train at, or even other martial art clubs that were also available that they may be interested in training at.

I accept this decision of revoking my Shodan rank in this specific organization as I am no longer actively participating, nor training within that influence.

So be alerted that I do not have Shodan black belt status there.

However, I state that my Shodan status is still intact as I have received a Shodan Rank Certificate from Sensei Paul Danelutti (6th Dan Rokudan in Shotokan) last August 17th, 2007. Sensei Paul Danelutti has been intimately involved in my formation, and training since I started learning karate as a white belt under Sensei Walter Crockford. Therefore I am a valid Shodan in his organization.

In addition to this, Sifu Tim White (8th Dan)of Molum Combat Arts Association has honored, and officially recognized my rank of Shodan since my training before him in Dallas, Texas, U.S. in 2006. According to Sifu White standards, and instructions, I can promote myself as:

Mireille Clark
Shodan, MLCAA

I might have to add an addition to this as Shihan Colin Wee has recognized my Shodan on my own merit. I am an Associate Black Belt Member of HRGB ( Hikaru Ryu Gendai Budo) Dojo.

Also, Sensei Charley Porter (4th Dan Shotokan) Independence, Missouri/ Kansas City would like it known that he validates my Shodan Black belt. I have trained with him on more than one occasion. The Fall Karate camp of 2007 was my recent event.


"Mireille, as I know of you through Hanshi Tim White and Shihan Wee I would like to offer the support of the Makumasuta Ryu Dojo, and the Academy of Combative Arts in the United Kingdom & Crete to ratify and support your Yudansha rank of Shodan in Shotokan Karate in the UK.

This done under my authority as Shihan of the Makumasuta Ryu, Chief Instructor of the ACMA, UK Director of MLCAA, member in good standing of the Senior Instructors Guild, IAOMAS Instructor & examiner and soon to be Chairman of the International Association of Combative Martial Arts. I would also point out that whilst the initial investiture of a Shodan comes from a higher rank, the true authority of the grade comes from the person holding the rank.

You need no one's authority or permission to be that which you already are."

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supergroup7 said...

Dear fellow internet friends:

Truly, I appreciate the comments of wisdom, and support that you have placed onto this posting. I agree with all that you have said, and I'm grateful for the kind words.

I have thought about the situation all day, and I have decided to remove the comments, and not allow any further comments onto this posting ( either negative ones or positive ones). It would be easy for this volatile topic to incur severe comments concerning this event.

Each time I recite my Dojo Kun, I promise myself, and my Kyokushin Sensei that I will observe the rules of courtesy, and respect my superiors. Therefore, I chose to respect my former Shotokan Sensei's rank, and decision to revoke my Shodan rank.

I promise you all to keep teaching, keep training, and enjoy my Art. I understand that it is the Artist that gives meaning to a belt, and not the other way around.

My past experiences have shown me how much I value the gift that I have of such a wonderful Kyokushin Sensei that I train under today. I desire to earn the rank of Shodan in his eyes. It will take much dedication, commitment, and effort on my part, but when I achieve this Kyokushin Shodan, I know that I will be secure in keeping it.