Thursday, January 31, 2008

The results are in... 3rd kyu for me

Yes. After much anticipation, and patience, the results of December's belt test have been announced. I am now a 3rd Kyu Kyokushin Karate student which means that I have entered into the more demanding ranks of the dojo. I've been keeping up with the challenge, but it means a deep dedication to attending each training opportunity possible.

Sorry that I have been absent from the internet lately, but I have been working almost full time hours in an effort to help support my family financially.

Karate helped me to get this job. I was asked to come in for an interview solely on the basis that I had written down that my last work was to be a Sensei of a dojo for 6 months. The interviewer told me that he knows how much discipline it takes to get a black belt in a Martial arts, and that this was the kind of worker that he wants in his company.

Now I work all day from 6 am to 2 pm, come home take care of my kids until near supper, and then I rush to the dojo to train all night. Weekends are dedicated towards laundry, housework, grocery shopping and setting up meals for the rest of the week.

Yes, it is a big change for me. I have had to adjust to things like practicing my karate on my breaks in the women's washroom. I know how long a kata takes to perform, so I do about 8 or 10 of them, and then I go back to work in plenty of time.

Internet time has come to a minimum. I rarely have any time, or energy, to do my usual visiting of various blog friends, forums, and internet resources. But I do hope that you all know that I keep you fondly in my thoughts.


frotoe said...

Congratulations on 3rd kyu!

Colin Wee said...

I AM VERY HAPPY FOR YOU! You are an amazing person! Colin

[Mat] said...


And congrats on the job. May it serve you well.

6 to 2. quite a schedule!

Good luck on your 3rd kyu training. If anything, it should be interesting. :D

Sarah said...

Congratulations on 3rd kyu!! :) I'm sure you're only improving.
And you DO seem quite busy! Try to find some down time so that you have a chance to BREATHE. You don't want to run yourself to the ground - as great as karate is, if you are moving and working all day... you could burn out. *hugs* Congrats!! :)

Steve said...

Congratulations! You're proof that there are no excuses. If there's something we want badly enough, we can make it happen! Kudos! :)

Steve said...

For what it's worth, I've been working 6am to 2:30 for years and LOVE it. My wife gets the kids off to school and I'm there when they get home. Works out very well.

selbykarateka said...

Hi Mireille,
Congratulations! How do you find time to fit it all in?
We are lucky enough to have a few ladies training out our club but I would like to encourage more. I think it makes for a far more rounded balance, any idea on how to encourage serious female karateka?
Osu Paul
from a small club in North Yorkshire, England