Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Starting the New Year.. tired.

I'm so tired! The Holiday happenings have had me running around making large meals, setting up platters, cleaning up afterwards, entertaining the kids, going to other places, etc. etc. I haven't had any chance to rest by myself, to focus on karate, to even get the normal housework done.

It's the first day of 2008, and I'm exhausted mentally, spiritually, and physically.
I'm living off of chocolate, and pistachios. This isn't how I pictured my first day of the year. I had daydreams of doing kata... 28 of one of the kata.. probably Sanchin due to the lack of space in my home, 280 punches, and 280 kicks to start the year right. This was a tradition that my First Sensei had given to me, and that I cherish in my heart. But I haven't done it yet.. maybe later tonight, I will ask my children to give me an hour and a half of "me" time, and I will achieve this before the first day of this year is over.

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