Monday, January 07, 2008

I won an award

I attended a celebration at my daughter's Tae Kwon do club just a few weeks ago. It was quite a moment for all of the children. They were given various awards such as "Best Attendence", "Best progress", "Best in sparring".. etc. My daughter proudly won a badge for "Best stance". She was so pleased with herself that all of her hard training had been apparent.

To my surprise, I won an award for my participation in the adult's class. You see, I've asked the Master if I could just train alongside the other students instead of sitting at the back of the gym, and watching. He kindly allowed me to wear my Shotokan black belt, and Karate gi to class. I would line up on my own behind the other students, and attempt to do the various techniques as best as I could. It was a little challenging at times as my body wanted to do things in a Kyokushin way.. so I just let my body do what it wanted to do. I did look, move, and act a little different from the other students, but I was still doing the combinations. A head block is a head block regardless to the style that is asking for it to be done.

So, here I am at this celebration, and the Master called me up to give me an award that I will always cherish. I have won medals at tournaments, but they do not mean as much to me as this one. I won "The Student with the Best Manners" medal. In my eyes there could not be a greater praise for my effort in class! I personally would rather be remembered for my strength in character than for how well I could knock someone down.

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Sarah said...

Awesome. Seriously. You're right - as says the Shotokan Dojo Kun - seek perfection of character - and so you are. You're completely in harmony with my own thoughts - I would much rather be respected for having the best 'manners' and character than how well I can bring someone down.