Thursday, January 17, 2008

Chosonninja's gift to those who cannot afford Martial Arts lessons

Master Park offers his philosophies, wisdom, experiences, and Martial arts skills with anyone who would like to spend the time to watch his Youtube videos. Everything is broken down into segments of 4 to 10 minutes. He teaches from the heart, and tries to form his students in all the ways of growth. This is what he says on his main webpage:

"This is devoted to the people who can not afford Martial Arts or have no Schools to learn Martial Arts. I don't want you to buy anything from me, but rather learn and teach these to good and poor people althroughout the World for FREE!

Tradition is good, but do not allow it to blind you of what is out there for you to discover. Reject nothing and respect all and you will in the end teach & guide others better. "Teach them with LOVE and watch them grow in the light!""

This is a Martial Artist who has incorporated his Way with his whole self, and is courageous enough to risk the vulnerability of the internet. Not always are one's efforts seen with grateful, kind, or accepting eyes.

I really enjoyed the video of his sharing on the virtue of Persistence ( presented below). He brought forth the beauty, and wonder of this aspect of our inner strength. I have always valued Patience, and perseverence in my life, but until now I haven't seen them as tools that I have used to make my life better. His words awakened me to that fact.

Although I do not train in the art of Wing Chun, I know that I truly enjoy watching his contribution to the Martial arts, and I look forwards to his future videos.


Steve said...

It's a nice sentiment, but I'm not sure I'm all for this after seeing the techniques his "assistant instructors" are putting out there.

I can only comment on some of the grappling, where the techniques range from ineffective to dangerously inept.

supergroup7 said...

Hmm... I haven't seen his assistant instructor videos. I've just started delving into his own. With over 300 videos to watch, I've got my hands full.

Would you please point out an example of what you are speaking about Steve to make it easier for me to find in my limited time?

Steve said...

I'll take a look. Some of the more egregious examples have been deleted or are now "private".

Keep an eye on kunoichilaura, MOUNTAINOUS, ShinobiMystic, Kit117, and I'm sure there are others. In addition to what appears to me to be alarmingly bad technique, they are passing themselves off as experts, while burying a disclaimer deep in their profiles: "these videos are for entertainment and education tutorial purposes."

I was asked to take a look at these videos a few months back and was struck by the cult mentality and the strange hero worship this guy cultivates in his largely young, disaffected fan base.

Come to your own conclusions, by all means. I'm not out to slander the guy. I'm just saying that I wouldn't allow my kids to become involved with anyone like him. My spidey sense is tingling.

Steve said...

Here's one. Gah! His entire series is like that.

supergroup7 said...

According to what I've just seen Kunoichilaura is ChosonNinja's sister. She is 23 years old, and has studied this list of styles:Shotobudo Karate
Jiu Jitsu
Systema Concepts
Freestyle Olympic Wrestling
DTG Chosen Ninjutsu
Various Combat Martial Arts
Womans Self Defence

It is no surprise to me that she would have confusion, and mayhem in whatever demonstration of a technique that she would put forth on video. She is currently crosstraining in 4 different arts, and teaching her brother's style. What we are seeing here is similar to what I'd see as a jazz street self-taught musician. You've seen these kinds of artists.. they have picked up some skills from this place, and that, mingled it all together, and came up with something that they like to do. I do not see anything wrong with the videos that she put out. It looks like she is just sharing some things that she found valuable. I would watch them with curiousity, but I wouldn't rush out to learn from her. I would rather train under my Sensei, and follow his directions and instructions. I think that it is good that they have that disclaimer warning people to rely on their instructor.

I do have to admit that I watched her showing some techniques that I thought to myself "Would you REALLY have that kind of time with an aggressor?" Perhaps some of her techniques are coming from a place where she hasn't had any real self defense experience to awaken her to what a "self defense" moment involves.

It does look like this poor man has developed a group of people who have a "hate on" for him, and his videos. He also has faithful supporters. In my expectations, this kind of white/dark scenario will create a nasty environment all around.

I chose to believe that he, and his assistant instructors, are trying to reach out and share the goodness of what training in Martial arts has done for their lives, and inner selves to the world. I'm guessing that their main focus in on the philosophy of following the Martial Way rather than in the effectiveness of the techniques. This would place it more on a spiritual realm.

Steve said...

Maybe I'm a cynic, but the hero worship, honorifics, blind devotion, and constant references to a higher power, really put me off. Focusing on the spiritual side puts me even more in mind of a strange, online cult.

I'll give this guy a year before he begins encouraging his students to make pilgramiges to his "school" so he can begin teaching them in person.

Regardless, I think it's great that you're able to see the positive, and I think we'll have to agree to disagree on this one. I just wanted to share another perspective on this phenomenon. It's one that I've been following, but not entirely from the same point of view.

supergroup7 said...

Oh gee Steve.. Um.. what can I say about that sample video that you offered me?.. Um.. Well... Um.... oh man

O.K.. I checked it out. What I believe that you are looking at there is a white belt *video* student of Chosonninja who taped his progress in the various movements that he has been practicing. He is imitating what he saw on the instructional video as best as he can with the small amount of understanding that he has of what he THINKS is occuring during the demonstration videos. His inexperience shows on the date of his video that he posted it at the beginning of Dec, 2007. I think that he has just started learning maybe a couple of months before he posted that video. I get that impression from the awkward movements of his body. Since he is learning "on the internet", I am guessing that posting his efforts on youtube is the only way of revealing to his Sensei ("Chosonninja") how he is performing the recommended techniques.

Personally, I feel that he should get a better foundation of basics before he tries such maneuvers on his friend. They really do not have much room in that little area to move much. Each time he threw his partner to the ground I was worried that someone was going to smack their head on a piece of furniture. I feel that this person is biting off far harder chunks of knowledge than he is ready to chew.. but that it is his decision to follow whichever path he wants to follow. Therefore I respect him for his efforts.

KunoichiLaura said...

I started these videos as a way to build up on my confidence and at the same time try to help others.. i mean no harm to anyone, i have been training for 16 years and only show what i have been taught myself. I am quiet and shy and do not like to cause trouble i only wanted confidence and my sensei wants me teaching in class, so by doing videos it helped me try to explain. Dont worry i give up and have left youtube, ok?

supergroup7 said...

Thank you for visiting my weblog KunoichiLaura. Welcome.

It is a wonderful thing to be able to share our understandings, and learning on the internet with others who enjoy the same activity. However, since it is a public forum, not everyone will accept what we have to offer, and some people will even see what we do in a negative way.

What others think does not change the value of what we do. If I suddenly give a beggar on the street a twenty dollar bill, a witness to this might say "Oh she just thinks she's so high and mighty, and rich.. She's so prideful." Another person may say "Oh she is so loving, and generous.." Another person might think "That was a waste of money.."
But perhaps none of their thoughts are valid, I gave that person $20 from the motivations within my own soul, and there might not be anyone on earth who can understand where I am coming from. Does that change the value of my action? I would say "no". I know who I am, and what I did, and why I did it, and no one's elses opinions will change that.

You chose to reveal what you know on youtube to help you to learn how to explain, and teach the various things that you have learned. By watching yourself teaching, you can assess your strengths and weaknesses, and how well you think your message comes through. This tool can improve your future Martial arts path. I do not rejoice in your statement that you would stop working with such an effective training tool. I believe that many people have misunderstood what your videos are intending to represent, and are becoming upset at the potentials of injury, and damage that may happen to someone who tries to imitate them without knowledge. I do not believe that their motivation is a personal hatred for you, but more it comes from a love, and concern for others.

I realize that you have been training in Martial arts for 16 years. You also say that you are 23 years old, right? That means that you were 7 years old when you first started Martial arts. How much knowledge can a young child under the age of 12 learn? Usually, a Sensei will teach a child a modified form of Martial arts due to the lack of maturity, bone structure, skill, and physical ability of a child.

I would like to offer the thought that you have just starting to walk the path of Martial arts in the past 5 years, and since you are training in so many different expressions of Martial Arts you will be a well rounded artist. It may take you longer to achieve a proficiency in your own style as you struggle through the various philosophies, applications, and lessons involved in each artform that you have gathered on your way.

I truly wish you well on your journey.

Laura said...

Thank you, I also forgot to mention that i don't think i am a master, i don't think im the best, But i do know some people out there who are only in it for Fame, Money, attention etc
I enjoyed doing the videos, yes it brought my confidence up a little but when i started coming across various sites like Martial Arts Planet and finding threads all about me calling me a scottish emo, fat, etc that was upsetting. I guess i am not strong inside. I currently only study Judo, Aikido and Jujitsu now, i gave up systema. I have been doing the Judo 9/10 years now and consider it my main art.
As for Greg ChosonNinja i think its a wonderful thing what he is doing, i can't say anything bad about him, and will always support him. But my time is up i have seen what people think of me.. i will continue to train and study hard and help the people i can, just not online.
Thank you again, take care,

Steve said...

Hi Laura!

I think it's great that you're continuing to train in Judo. Can I ask (because I'm a fan of judoka in particular) what your rank is or where you study?

I hope it's clear that my intent was not to be mean or badmouth you guys. It was to say that I think you guys (Choson Ninja's "assistants") are being manipulated in order to feed his ego and ultimately do more damage to your own. If you were my own daughter, as I said, I would have a real problem with the manner in which he communicates, the language he chooses to use and the other things that I mentioned make my "spidey sense" tingle (that's also called my Dad Alarm).

My opinion is that you must first learn before you can teach. At 23, you have a lot to learn about martial arts AND about life in general. Focus on helping your fellow students in your school. I have no problem with your videos, personally. I think they're great, and if you have fun doing them, by all means continue. Where I get concerned is when you're saying, "This is how to do a rear naked choke," rather than, "Is this how to do a rear naked choke?" I think that's one of your videos that made an impression for me.

If you ASK, you'll get lots of great feedback that might actually help your technique, rather than criticism.

Laura said...

Hi Steve,

I understand where you are coming from. But with Judo Scotland once you reach 1st Kyu and are over 16 you can become qualified to be a club coach, but im 23 and one of the coaches is 24, I say age doesn't go by anything, it goes by experience, I know you don't know me, but in my videos, i get nervous and shy that was what i was trying to work on, thats why i won't make a good coach, I train in judo 4 nights a week and have done for 9/10 years i also say belts colours mean nothing, i am Brown belt and have been for 4 years but cannot grade because of the lack of Woman, we have to go to external gradings and fight for 100 points, so i usually get sent home as there is no other 1st Kyu woman to fight so i dont grade now, we still had to pay £25 even if no one was there!. as far as technique goes.. my sensei, Mike, who has 56 years experience watched my video on the chokes and had no problems with it, Although i know maybe shouldn't have used Dean, ok mistake. Anyway, I e-mailed Greg today to say i have left Youtube, i no longer will make videos, but i will keep training, i learned a lot on my short journey. I think people appreciate me better helping out in my own club, rather than online. One less asst instructor on the net!
I wish you well in your training also,

Anonymous said...

I just think it's about time that ChosonNinja produce his credentials or must be made to prove that he is legit martial arts teacher...This seems very cult like to me...

Highlandersforever said...

Choson Ninja seems to me to be a dagerous fraud when is this going to end when a "student" of his has been killed by his dangerous techniques!

Anonymous said...

It's self evident that ChosonNinja has a very high degree of skill. That he is an open Christian does not make him a "cult leader". I'm suprised that people think that. Perhaps some people need to "get out" more. Give the guy a break. It looks like jealousy otherwise.