Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The results....

AHA! You will have to wait with patience just like me. Results were not announced last night. We may NEVER find out if we passed our test.

This reminds me so much of when I was training in Shotokan at the beginning of my path. The Sensei used to make us wait, and wait for the results of our belt tests. New students were not aware of the secret rule that we couldn't ask our Sensei for the results but that we had to show interior self control, and patience. If anyone asked Sensei for the results, we all knew that we would be waiting until the next class, or maybe the next week to find out. There was one time when we waited a full 3 months before we found out that we had past our last test, and would be testing for the next rank.

It was rather humorous, because after a belt rank test, all of the students would be warming up before class, and pretending that they didn't care about the test results. Sensei would walk into the room, and we would bow and greet him. Suddenly, the higher belts would spy a lower belt walking up to Sensei. The room would erupt with all of the higher belts yelling out "Don't ASK him!!" The lower belt would turn and say something like "I wasn't going to ask him.." blushing furiously, as they'd turn to go back to warming up. Sensei would always chuckle, and then walk away. We all knew that this meant another day of waiting.

What I can tell you is that I survived the Seminar with my Shihan. I was ready for the worst, and I powered through the whole 3 1/2 hours of training. The last half hour was street self defense, and although it doesn't put as much strain on your cardiovascular system to break out of a choke hold, and defend yourself. There is much learning to be had as you work towards balance, unbalance, power versus technique. Karate feels different in the unpretty realistic fighting that you might face in a bar fight, or on the street. Oh.. and there is much pain involved too as you work into joint locks, arm bars, throws, etc.

I really enjoyed the seminar. Now in hindsight, I can see how little use it was for me to be afraid of what might happen.


[Mat] said...

Glad of the outcome, you seem to have put your mind to rest.

I'm sure your preparation helped tremendously.

I recall all my belt testings as if they had just happened.

There were tests I went through where I expected the belt. In fact, I knew I "killed" the requirements. I walked in there confident, chin up and just waiting to prove what I know.

Other tests, I wasn't feeling ready and I knew I could have trained much more. Those tests, I entered backwards and came out feeling like I cheated myself through a belt.

The lesson I learned is that self-confidence and being true to yourself is the only real standard that should be thought of when going to a test.

I'll be nervous again and I'll be confident again as time goes by and testings go by too. But for now on, I'll always know why I feel that way.

Not because it's sensei XXX that tests me.
Not because I'm not worthy of having a certain grade.
Not because a certain person thinks that I don't deserve it.


Because of the efforts I put in or not and the level of confort I have with what I know.

But it took around 10 years to understand that. I wonder what the next 10 years hold for me.


I wish you great success!!! And you most probably passed. (I feel it)

supergroup7 said...

It's so nice to come in from the cold outdoors to find such warm comments from you Mat. Great to see that you had the time to visit some blogs!

To tell you the truth, and it may sound pretty pompous, but I'm not at all worried about my ability, or skills to pass my tests. I always keep myself ready to test. I review, and practice, and work on things at home consistently so that at any time, in any place, I'll be ready for what comes my way.

I'm the kind of person who rereads her notes, and writes new ones to expand on them.

My fears stemmed from a normal fear of suffering. These Kyokushin belt tests.. they aren't just testing your knowledge. They aren't "normal" tests. How do I explain them? Wait.. when I have time, I'll write a posting on my blog trying to put into words what I feel during a Kyokushin Belt test.

[Mat] said...

I guess it ain't called "ultimate thruth society" for nothing.

By the by,

big thanks for the postcard. It brought light into our house and in our hearts.

Be well

by the by, here are two kyokushin organisation in qc.


Those two organisations are 1h away.
Made me smile.

good day!

supergroup7 said...

Hey Mat.. here is a Kyokushin dojo that is even closer to home:

Chief Instructor: Mireille Gilles

785 De La Ste. Anne
St. Charles De Drummond, Quebec
Canada, J2C 7H5
Phone: 819-818-5004

According to mapquest it's only 9 minutes away from you. AND with an instructor named Sensei Mireille, How could you do wrong??

Colin Wee said...

All my students wait at least 2 weeks for their results and coaching feedback. :-)

[Mat] said...

Indeed, how could I go wrong ?


For now, time is the main issue... I train with my baby in my hands (Yep).

I guess Chitose Sensei didn't have that in mind when he chose to teach. Or maybe he had. LOL