Thursday, May 08, 2008

Kata concepts caught in animation

Beautiful! I love it! I love the symbolism! I love the movements! I love the animation! I love the music! I love the message! I love the impact of the whole scene!

Fantastic standing applause to all those who helped create:

Avatar: The Last Airbender Book 3: Ep 13: The Firebending Masters.


Lizzie said...

I didn't even get what that was about!!!

supergroup7 said...

Well.. it is a little unfair to put just this little segment of the whole show.. so let me explain what happened.. Zuko ( the person with a scar around his eyes) is searching to understand his martial art - Fire bending. His partner, Aang, and he go to a temple to learn off of the Fire bending Masters where they find statues showing a pattern ( kata) of techniques which is called the "Dance of the Dragons". They learn this kata. Then they are brought to the Masters, but are told that they will be tested. Those who fail the test face horrible death. This clip shows Zuko, and Aang facing the test. We find out that the Masters of Fire bending are actual real Dragons. As Zuko, and Aang perform their patterns, the two Dragons intertwine like the Yin/ Yang symbol, and respond to the various martial art techniques. I believe that you can watch the whole episode here: