Saturday, May 10, 2008

Seienchin in the snow

Wow! Just WOW! Beautiful.. Awesome kata done in what looks like freshly fallen snow!!

That's Kyokushin training! OSU!

I haven't had to do a kata in snow, but I have trained in it. It's a totally different sensation entirely! I haven't seen the snow fly around me like puffs of cloud before.. Oh my goodness that looks so beautiful!

I'm grateful that Sensei Steve has allowed me to embed his video on my weblog.

Thank you so much, Sensei Steve!!!


John Vesia said...

We do Seiuchin (note slight sp. difference) in Isshinryu that's pretty close that that one. It's a good, strong Goju-based kata. Nice clip.

Mathieu said...

That seems cold!

supergroup7 said...

Yes, John, Kyokushin Karate has pretty strong Shotokan, and Goju Roots. We do our own versions of their kata.

Mat, I'm sure that the snow was quite a physical sensation on his feet and legs as he did his kata. I agree.. it must have been cold.

Silverstar said...

And to think while I complain about the crappy heater in my dojo not working very well in the winter, this guy is training in the snow! Makes me feel very humble.

dean walsh said...

Great video - it does look good in the snow, and you can really get a sense of power in the way he performs the movements.

Anonymous said...

It does look like a good kata with some good bunkai.

The guy shows good balance and movmemt from doing it in the snow.

good find!