Friday, June 27, 2008

A new branch on my path

I have been given a set of foam nunchuks like the ones pictured above...

I have one word for this:


I'm not sure how much I will enjoy learning to swing the nunchuks around my head like that.. I remember how the Bo and I had our special painful moments of learning how to work together. I feel like I'm still a baby at manipulating the Bo.. and here I have a set of nunchuks?? I must be one of those few people who watched people spin the nunchuks around, and be thinking "Oh thank goodness that's not me in that swirl of motion!"

But it doesn't hurt to try.. I cannot dedicate too much time to working with the nunchuks. I really have to apply myself to my Belt rank requirements, to my kata, to my conditioning, and to my Bo... but it doesn't hurt once in awhile to swing a nunchuk.. :-) especially if something like THIS should happen to me...

Ha ha ha.. and this COULD happen to me!!

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