Friday, June 20, 2008

Wouldn't you know it! A blast from my past

Oh.. yes.. on a lark I decided to search up my name on the internet. I found the usual things, but then surprisingly to my joy, I found a list of competitors, and medal winners from a tournament that I had attended in 2004.

I'm listed in there as the silver medal winner of my rank division. My girls are listed there also as Gold, silver, and bronze winners.

This was my family's very first tournament. We had gone to others after this one. The medals from our experiences are many, and fill up the bottom of my dresser drawer. But, as I was taught by my first Sensei, it isn't the medals that I cherish, but the experiences, and lessons that I learned during the Tournament.

My little girls had challenged the Team Kata division. At the ages of 9,7, and 6, these little white belts went up and performed against the other Team kata of black belt level (Adults included). They didn't place at all, which I had expected would happen, but I couldn't help but admire their courage, determination, and willingness to try.

Sure.. all through their team kata performance, I could see one or two of my girls looking more at the judges, and crowds around them rather than focusing on their performance, but who could blame them? Everything was new to us at the time, and standing in that ring was quite daunting for any beginner.

Here are some pictures that were taken of the event:

Heian Yondan ( during competition)

The girls practicing before the event.

Wearing their medals

There is me at purple belt level.. Wow.. I didn't realize how much I would appreciate looking back at the past like this. I wish that I had taken pictures, and videos of my kata when I was a white belt. It's nice to look and see where I was, and how I have maintained, and improved over the years.


Silverstar said...

Great photos, thank you for sharing your past training experiences. :)

Anonymous said...

Ossu, dear friend !

Keep in mind the great way of Karate to you and your children. Keep the trainning on Kata always, is good to mind.

A big hug to all.