Saturday, November 29, 2008

Seeing what I "don't see"

These past months I have been preparing, and preparing for my next rank level. To be honest, I consistently apply myself at striving for more no matter where I am in the rank ladder, but there seems to be an added "spice" when you know that you are facing a belt test in the future.

As I trained, I remembered a very poignant statement given to me by one of my dearest Internet Sensei friends. He told me "Do not only look at what your Sensei is doing, but pay attention to what he/she ISN'T doing." Now, when my friend had said this to me, I was lost in confusion as to what he was talking about, but now, I'm becoming aware of the little "give away" motions which I'm doing that are not existent in the movements of an accomplished Martial artist. For lack of words to explain this concept, there seems to be a very accurate release of energy in an experienced Sensei. They do not waste their time/body movement/emotion. Everything is used well, and there are no warnings. They almost look like they aren't doing anything when they move. There is a relaxed fluidity in the movement.

Here is a video of two amazing Martial Artists of Kyokushin Karate from the 3rd World Tournament 1983 which shows these relaxed, yet powerful sudden movements. Shihan Andy Hug Vs Shokei Akiyoshi Matsui.

I need to look, and learn what my Sensei is NOT doing.


Steve said...

Good luck testing! What rank are you testing for?

supergroup7 said...

Thanks Steve,

When I am allowed the privilege to test I will be earning a 2nd kyu ( Brown belt) in Kyokushin.

Sarah said...

I've never thought about that, but I guess you're right. Its funny how your perception can change sometimes to enable you to look at something a different way...

Colin Wee said...

That's a very insightful bit of advice, and an excellent post!

Traditional Taekwondo

supergroup7 said...

Thank you Sarah, and yes.. what helped boost me was that seed of thought planted in my head by that wonderful Internet Sensei.

Osu Colin, thank you. The insight came from another's mind, and experience, I cannot take credit for it... but I am happy to share it.

Lizzie said...

Hey thanks for keeping me in your thoughts. I watched that video. What are the rules for fighting? I was keeping asking myself, "where's the head shots and throws?"

supergroup7 said...

Always thinking of you Lizzie!

The rules for fighting in Kyokushin;
No grabbing. No hand strikes to the head but kicks are allowed. Kicks to the legs are allowed, but no striking the groin area.

Throws happen during self defense/class training. No throws during tournament fighting.